HiVelocity offers an extensive list of shared and reseller packages for both Windows and Linux users. They also have dedicated servers and VPS packages in their line up.

The Hosting Package

The most affordable Linux package starts with the Bronze package, costing $9.95 per month for the 50 MB disk space and 5 GB bandwidth. The Platinum Linux package costs $29.95 for the 100 MB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth.

For their Windows packages, it starts at the Bronze package, costing $14.95 per month for the 50 MB storage and 5 GB bandwidth. The Platinum Windows package costs $35.95 per month for the 250 MB storage and 15 GB bandwidth.

For the VPS package starts with the Bronze plan, costing $79.95 per month for the 200 MB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth. The Gold plan costs $129.95 per month for the 500 MB storage and 20 GB bandwidth. And finally, the Platinum plan costs $249.95 per month for the 1400 MB storage and 30 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About HiVelocity?

    • Wide variety of packages to choose from

HiVelocity provide several packages to choose from, whether it is for a virtual private server or managed dedicated servers. This means that you will most probably find what is the best fit for your needs with HiVelocity. There is a lot of room for upgrade in case your service demands more resources from the hosting provider.

    • Easy to use tools

Their control panel’s user interface is good and user-friendly. The intuitive design in the control panel screens is a rarity these days since most providers do not prioritize this screen at all. The common misconception is that web administrators do not need a handsome page to adjust the controls but for newbie users, sometimes this makes a huge difference.

    • Very beginner-friendly experience

HiVelocity is really newbie-friendly. The list of tools available for the new web developer, as well as the friendly customer support staff, are all nice tools to have if you are just trying to get your service off the ground.

    • Availability of tutorials

Even though HiVelocity is geared towards the expert users, they still have some “hosting for dummies” type of reference materials that help you set up your own site quite easily.

What’s Disappointing About HiVelocity?

&#10006 Fluctuating server performance

The major point of concern forHiVelocity is their poor performance especially for high traffic sites. There are days when the network connection is good but most of the time, it is not dependable and stable enough.

&#10006 Expensive prices!

The very bad thing about HiVelocity is that they have a setup fee of $19.95! In this world where virtually every hosting provider waives the setup fee, it is scandalous to see a set up process being charged and with $19.95 at that!

The Bottom Line

Stay away from HiVelocity if you can. They have expensive packages, ridiculous set up fees and a fluctuating server performance, to boot. The only good thing about them is that you have over 2 dozen expensive plans to study as options.