HexaHost is a hosting solutions provider focusing on providing email support to Windows users. Their packages are aimed at start up companies needing email support at a very affordable price. Hexahost provides increased visibility to a system’s performance by providing bandwidth graphs so that the customer can see what goes on during a live deployment.

The Hosting Package

HexaHost has three Windows packages, ranging from $2 to $7 per month. The WinLite costs $2, which includes 1 GB of disk space, 1 free domain and 1 email account. WinStandard costs $5 with 5 GB disk space, 10 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth with 2 free domains. WinPremium costs $7 per month and covers 50 GB of disk space, 100 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and 10 free domains.

What’s Great About HexaHost?

    • Very affordable packages

HexaHost’s affordable packages are very start up-friendly. All of their packages are less than $10 a month and this is a very good starting price for those who just want to get their services off the ground. Even if they do not have money back guarantee options, the $2 a month risk is not that risky, after all.

    • Provides tools to study deployment patterns

One very good feature with HexaHost’s deployment is that they offer you a chance to see the user patterns through the user statistics tool that they bundle with every subscription. Usually you need to manually extract information like this and if you do not know how to, then you are out of luck. With HexaHost, you are given an easier way to understand what is happening to your site post deployment.

    • Focuses on email support

If you are a company that focuses on providing email services, then you should probably go with HexaHost. Their packages are created primarily for those who do the same thing – provide email support to end-users.

    • Unlimited accounts

One of the good things about HexaHost is the fact that you can have unlimited data consumption even on their basic plans so that you need not worry about counting your data consumption midway into the project. Unlimited accounts bundled with a focus on email support is a good combination of features to have.

What’s Disappointing About HexaHost?

&#10006 No support for Linux

HexaHost only supports Windows – which is an unlikely trait. Most of the other hosting providers out there support Linux alone and for a change, the tables are turned for the Microsoft users.

&#10006 Fluctuating performance

HexaHost’s downtime fluctuates from time to time. Their performance is not the best although definitely not the worst, either. There are many points of improvement in terms of their network speed and general uptime record but there are also times when you can afford to roll with their speed. This may be seen as a good thing but if you want rock solid foundation for your services, then this is one big pimple on a smooth surface.

The Bottom line

If you really prefer working with Microsoft, there are still other providers out there that focus on Microsoft users but with a better track record. Prices are good, though, and if you are looking at just having a launched service and not expecting very high traffic activity in your site, then you can probably go with HexaHost as a starting solution.