HD Web Provider targets both the start up, small business and enterprise users for their shared, reselling and dedicated server solutions. Their target is to provide an easy to use hosting system that gives you a lot of assistance in creating your own site.

The Hosting Package

Shared web hosting packages start at $6.50 per month for a year, which comes with unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth. A cPanel Control Panel is included in this package, along with Fantastico Delux and SiteBuilder.

Reseller packages start at $14.95 per month for the 15 GB Raid-10 protected storage, 140 GB bandwidth and 24/7 dedicated reseller support team.

The dedicated servers start at $185 for the 1 TB storage, 2 GB memory, 5 IP’s on a Core2Quad Q9300 machine.

What’s Great About HD Web Provider?

    • Good track record

HD Web Provider has a really good track record in terms of providing proper network speed and good uptime record. Most other companies oversell their storage and capacity but HD Web Provider is careful not to risk their good reputation by overselling their machines. So far, they’ve been providing rock solid connection since day 1.

    • 20% discount for online transactions

HD Web Provider offers an automatic 20% discount for transactions done from their websites. This is a permanent offer and beats most online coupons that you occasionally see in other web sites out there.

    • International support team

HD Web Provider covers a lot of ground in terms of their support team. They have regional support teams that make it easier for clients to get issues attended to. They have satellite customer service staff scattered across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean area and the US.

    • Big client list

HD Web Provider is very proud of their extensive client list, currently amounting to nearly 20,000 clients spread across 120 countries. This gives you the assurance that a lot of people have previously entrusted HD Web Provider with their hosting needs.

What’s Disappointing About HD Web Provider?

&#10006 Customer service staff can be improved

No hosting company is perfect. For HD Web Provider, they can still improve a lot on their customer support staff. While turnaround time is fast and they have regional offices across the globe, this very stretched team needs updated training in terms of handling installation and troubleshooting issues to provide speedy and quality answers to their customers.

&#10006 Lack of variety in packages offered

Even if they have a lot of clients under their belt, HD Web Provider would benefit from a few more packages so that prospective customers can easily identify with what they have to offer.

The Bottom line

If the number of existing clients does not amaze you, I don’t know what will. There’s no major reason for you not to consider signing up with HD Web Provider because so far, they offer good value for the price of their service. There are not a lot of hosting providers that can proudly list their partners and customers. Most of the companies out there have less than 10 accounts to be proud of so the 20,000 clients under their belt should be impressive enough.