Greenvills Host targets newbie web developers who needs a lot of guidance to get their web business off the ground. The web design tools and e-commerce tips are extremely helpful for the neophyte developer. They also offer a lot of fail-safe options such as the 30 day money back guarantee. Greenvills is also a green web hosting company that uses wind energy to power their machines.

The Hosting Package

Greenvills Host offers unlimited hosting packages for $6.95 a month but they often have promos bringing down the price to just $2.95. This includes unlimited hosting space, email accounts, FTP accounts, hosted domains and bandwidth.

What’s Great About Greenvills Host?


  • Other packages available for marketing and web design

A big help to starting web developers are the multiple tips and tools to help them design their web page. There are also e-commerce marketing tips and how-to’s, which should help launch a particular service.

  • Free scripts

Free scripts are available to help you perform a seamless installation and set up of the web hosting services. This is very helpful especially since you do not need to look for or create your own scripts to do the installation.

  • 30 day money back guarantee

The 30-day money back guarantee gives you assurance that you can cancel and have your refund within the first 30 days. This gives you some time to try out their service without much hesitation. This is also the perfect time to log their network speed by doing some speed tests. You can use the data to compare Greenvills Host with other hosting offerings out there.

  • Green hosting

For those who want to partner with someone who cares for the environment, you will be pleased to know that Greenvills Host uses wind power to run their machines. They are one of the few hosting companies with concrete steps on how to make their operations as green as possible. Not only do they try to reduce the power being used in their operations, they try to make the energy source renewable, too.

  • Fast response time

Greenvills Host’s customer support team logs in fast response rates in both incoming calls and trouble tickets filed. This is very important if you need immediate attention to performance issues that you see popping out of your site.

  • Affordable package

Despite being a green company, Greenvills Host’s packages are affordable and sustainable, even for the start up web site. This minimizes your risks further, especially if you are just starting your very own web service.

What’s Disappointing About Greenvills Host?

&#10006 Newbie in the hosting scene
Greenvills Host is still a relatively newcomer in the hosting scene. For those who are looking for years of good reputation and excellent, consistent track record, you won’t find it with Greenvills Host.

&#10006 Not much actual users review
There are not much users reviewing their service, even if you scour several pages of your search engine results. This is also a bit worrying because it makes you think if there are real users using Greenvills Host’s packages, no matter how good they seem to be on paper.

The Bottomline

If you prefer working with an environment-friendly company for your hosting needs, then Greenvills Host is one of the few that offers green hosting with affordable packages.