Green River Hosting specializes in providing affordable shared hosting packages for starter websites. Their inclusions are quite beefy for the amount of money that you are paying for.

The Hosting Package

Green River Hosting has three types of shared web hosting plans. The Beginner package is priced at $2.95 per month with a 5 GB web storage space, 10 GB bandwidth and 1 hosted domain. The Advanced package is priced at $4.95 per month with a 100 GB web storage space, unmetered bandwidth and 2 hosted domains. The Premium package is priced at $7.95 per month with unmetered web storage space,, bandwidth and comes with a free domain.

What’s Great About Green River Hosting?

    • Offers free trial subscription packages

The biggest perk with Green River Hosting is that they have free trial subscription packages that the user can avail of, without any commitments. This is a big come on especially for the budget conscious, which is their target market, since you are virtually not risking anything except some effort and time, to try out their network.

    • Patient technical support team

Their technical team is another strength of theirs since they are armed with some knowledge on how to do installations and setups. Apart from that, they are also courteous and helpful, not the usual hot headed customer support agent that you can easily battle with.

    • Includes VPS, design and domain management services

Green river hosting also offers a wide range of complementary services such as domain registration and VPS services. Web design is also included as an add-on service that you can avail of for an extra charge. These tools are very helpful for the not so technical web developer and can give your service a good, starting boost in the right direction.

    • Good customer support staff

Apart from a nice technical support staff, their customer support team is also a nice group to talk to. They are trained to be patient and helpful, making the whole customer experience a pleasant one. This is a rarity these days.

What’s Disappointing About Green River Hosting?

&#10006 Linux-only packages, no support for Windows

The single biggest negative point against Green River Hosting is their lack of support for the Windows operating system. While most web developers really prefer Linux over Windows, it still is a downer that they do not have support for Windows. After all, Windows followers are still a significant amount out there.

The Bottom line

Overall, Green River Hosting is a commendable hosting partner with the multiple other services that they are providing, at an affordable price. If you do not mind using Linux all throughout, then there’s nothing else preventing you from signing up with Green River Hosting.