Gossamer Hosting is a Vancouver-based web technology consultancy firm that also offers dedicated server hosting. Most of their packages are custom made and are available after a request for quotation.

The Hosting Package

Gossamer starts with the Spam-free email services that is priced at $0.99 a month, covering 4 email accounts, 1024 MB disk space and unmetered transfers. Their Website Builder package costs $1.99 a month and includes access to at least 175 web templates and a friendly control panel user interface. Digital certificates are available separately for at least $34.00 each, with a 21-day free trial period. The Website Builder and Spam-free email services are available for a 30-day money back guarantee period.

What’s Great About Gossamer Hosting?

    • Easily accessible via social media

Gossamer Hosting is one of the few hosting companies that embraces the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They also have their own blog where they channel most of their news and promotions to their targeted customers. This is a really great way to connect with the people that may eventually sign up to their services.

    • Good customer support staff

Gossamer Hosting prides itself with a well-trained customer support staff that addresses issues quickly. Their staff is quite knowledgeable and can cater to both beginners and technical experts who have availed of their hosting packages.

    • Offers domain registration

You need not go to a different website to do some additional domain registration. Gossamer Hosting does this for you easily, without needing to leave their website. This is very convenient for the user since they do not need to search for other domain registration sites if in case they want to buy more.

    • E-commerce tools available

Along with their very affordable rates, e-commerce tools are also available to help the newbie get his service off the ground. This includes tips on ad placement, some basic brand management tips and even SEO copywriting articles.

    • Very affordable rates

Gossamer Hosting offers one of the cheapest packages out there, starting at just a dollar per month for a year. This is essentially risk-free for the newbie developer and is priced cheaper than a fast food meal. Even if Gossamer Hosting does not have the free trial mode, the 30-day money back guarantee, matched with the very cheap rates, is very tempting for the start up user.

What’s Disappointing About Gossamer Hosting?

&#10006 Inconsistent performance

This is what’s normally expected for hosting services that charge dirt-cheap. Network speed is sometimes crawling to a halt and there are frequent downtimes, too. While there are still reports that their performance is great, overall it is safe to say that it is too inconsistent to be labeled reliable.

&#10006 No actual user reviews

There are also not much actual user reviews on Gossamer Hosting, aside from the sporadic complaints about their lagging network performance. This makes you think if anyone has ever tried their services at all, even with the very low package prices.

The Bottom line

If you can find another hosting solutions provider, which no doubt you will, then stay away from Gossamer hosting if you are looking for a long-term hosting partner.