GoGreen Hosting is a green web hosting provider that’s based in New York. Just by watching them over the years, I have noticed that their mind is definitely on what they can do in order to help improve the planet that we live in.

By now, you probably know how important it is to me for a company to take part in preserving our planet. GoGreen Hosting is doing just that by not only offsetting their energy consumption with green credits, but purchasing more green energy credits than their operations call for.

Not only are they very caring when it comes to our planet, but the way that they do business is clearly stated on their website

Let’s see what this green web host has to offer.

Price Value

Their value shared web hosting plan comes at a cost of $9 per month. This is one of the more expensive web hosting providers around, considering with most hosts you only have to pay a few bucks each month for quality web hosting.

With this plan, you get 1GB of disk space and 20GB of bandwidth. I would have to say that I’m not a fan of what they’re offering for the price. If I was them, I would offer this at half of the price before I even considered it to be a VALUE.


Here are the features of their value web hosting plan.

  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • 1 GB Storage Space
  • 20 GB Data Transfer
  • Fantastico One-Click Script Installer

Looks like not only do they charge more than most green web hosting providers, but they like to limit things that don’t cost them a dime to provide. This to me throws their credibility right out the window since I see this as an unethical approach to entice you into paying a higher price.


I scoured their website just to find out what types of servers they use for their green hosting clients over at GoGreen web hosting. However, their website doesn’t provide you with enough technical information to draw a conclusion.

Then, I scoured the web for GoGreen Hosting reviews from their customers. Needless to say, it looks like the folks over at GoGreen Hosting haven’t provided their clients with enough performance to have them bragging about them.

This raises a red flag for this host, I’m almost to the point of saying that they’re not reputable enough to recommend to our visitors that come to Web Hosting Billboard for reliable web hosting reviews.


Just like when I search for consumer reviews that told me what kind of performance these folks provided, I couldn’t find any that said ANYTHING about their reliability. Not to mention, they don’t even have an UPTIME GUARANTEE clearly stated on their website.

This only tells me one thing, they’re not confident enough that they can have excellent uptime. Instead, it seems like they’re more worried about losing money if they can’t uphold an uptime guarantee that they back their services with.


There’s only one form of support over at GoGreen Hosting and that’s through their support ticket system. They claim that they have their support team working around the clock, but by only offering tickets as a way to reach them, it makes it easier for them to lie about it.

I’m not too pleased with their support methods either.

Love Factor

GoGreen Hosting seems to be one of the worst web hosting providers that I have ever reviewed during my years in the web hosting industry. The reason is that they aren’t professional about how they conduct business and they can’t even do anything to compete with the better hosts.

To me, this seems like a company with a serious lack of confidence and that’s a company that I will only recommend that you stay away from at all costs. Sorry, it’s just the way that the dice rolls in this web hosting review.