Geek Hosting has been around for several years and is one of the few hosting companies offering a green alternative to hosting your site. They specialize in VPS deployments.

The Hosting Package

Their Windows HyperVDS package starts at $29.95 a month for a year, which includes a free Windows 2008 R2 Server, 40 GB of web space and 512 MB guaranteed RAM. Their Linux HyperVDS package starts at $19.95 with 40 GB of web space, 256 MB guaranteed RAM and unlimited databases, domains and email accounts.

What’s Great About Geek Hosting?

    • Wide variety of packages to choose from

Geek Hosting provides several packages to choose from, whether it is for a virtual private server or dedicated servers. This means that you will most probably find what is the best fit for your needs with Geek Hosting. There is a lot of room for upgrade in case your service demands more resources from the hosting provider.

    • Good network performance

Geek Hosting provides a consistent speed to their networks with a good uptime ratio record. Given the high bandwidth that they give to their customers, they are able to maintain even performance from their network.

    • Pricing available even for small, start up web sites

Although Geek Hosting is geared to the less budget conscious web developers, their start up rates are actually affordable compared to their competitors. This makes it easy for you to try out their service if you are really eyeing a VPS type of service.

    • Consistent performance across most types of users

One of the nicest things about Geek Hosting is that their network speed and reliability remains consistent all through the years. This is a simple and yet difficult to maintain reputation since in the world of hosting, most providers are prone to downtimes.

What’s Disappointing About Geek Hosting?

&#10006 No unlimited data traffic package

Most web developers are looking for unlimited data plans that they can maximize, especially if you are looking at reselling their packages. This is not the case with Geek hosting since they do not have any type of unlimited date packaging.

&#10006 No instant support connection

One big minus in the Geek world is that they do not have instant email or phone support available to their customers. This is a huge blow to their otherwise ok lineup of services since you would naturally want to call someone when you suddenly cannot access your site.

The Bottom line

It is important to have an available technical support staff 24/7 especially since this is the norm for majority of the web hosting services out there. It is recommended that you look for other companies offering green hosting since instant access to their support team is vital.