FrictionsWeb is a Linux-only hosting provider that offers unmetered transfer limit in their package. This type of plan is perfect for websites that anticipate a lot of file transfer activity such as download sites. FrictionsWeb also gives its subscribers free web development tools such as SEO tips and web design tutorials that should help launch a small web service.

The Hosting Package

FrictionsWeb has a single Linux shared hosting package that costs $4.95 per month for a year. This package includes 100 MB of web space and unmetered transfer limit.

What’s Great About FrictionsWeb?

    • Offers SEO tips and web design tools

FrictionWeb’s free SEO tips and web design tools are a big help to those who are just starting their web service. This provides a one-stop-shop type of service where you can find most of your needs from a single website.

    • Offers backup services for small businesses

Backup services are offered for smaller business to act as a safeguard against unexpected downtimes or installation issues. This protects your data from being lost especially if it is your first time doing hosting setup and installation.

    • SSL certificates available

FrictionsWeb also offers SSL certificates for an additional fee. This means that you do not need to surf for other SSL certificates provider. You nearly have everything you need from FrictionsWeb.

    • No negative reviews, so far

Lack of negative feedback can be a positive thing. So far there hasn’t been any reported major inconvenience or catastrophic downtimes coming from FrictionsWeb. There are no high praises for their network performance, either, but the lack of angry reviews online shows that they must be doing something good.

What’s Disappointing About FrictionsWeb?

&#10006 Main website is down

One big no-no in web hosting is to have a malfunctioning website. Whenever I try to access their home page, it always says that the website is down and undergoing maintenance. This is quite strange for a web hosting company and gives a bad impression that they do not have things under control.

&#10006 Single hosting package is very limiting

The solitary hosting package is extremely limiting. There is no way for you to upgrade your package if you want more from their services.

&#10006 No support for Windows

The Linux-only support takes out all potential Windows customers.

The Bottom line

With just a single package offered, you get the impression that FrictionsWeb is a very small start up hosting company that hasn’t even fixed their main website. Go look for other web hosting services since there are a lot more others with a better reputation and at the very least, a functioning website.