FM Enterprises is a Pakistan-based shared hosting solutions provider that offers very affordable hosting package for the starter and small business users.

The Hosting Package

The Starter package costs $1.74 a month for the 1 GB bandwidth and 200 MB storage space. The Personal package costs $3.50 a month for the 3 GB bandwidth and 450 MB storage space. The Small Biz package is at $7 a month for the 1 GB storage space and 8 GB bandwidth. The Enterprise package costs $13.75 a month for the 2 GB storage space and 20 GB bandwidth. Lastly, their Corporate package costs $27 per month for the 4 GB storage space and 40 Gb bandwidth.

What’s Great About FM Enterprises?

    • 10% discount coupons via their web site

FM Enterprises give out discount coupons worth 10% from their main web site. While the 10% discount may not seem big, if applied to a yearly subscription, the amount can be quite substantial. Be on the look out for other coupons as well, such as from web hosting directory pages.

    • VPS and dedicated server hosting packages also available

Another good thing about FM Enterprises is that they offer you other types of hosting solutions, as well. If you want to try out VPS hosting or dedicated hosting for a more powerful and reliable service, you can easily upgrade your package to avail of those.

    • Affordable packages

FM Enterprises’ packages are more affordable compared to their competitors. A closer look at the inclusions will make you realize that there are much more features packed into their hosting plans compared to other companies.

    • Free transfer of data

If you are coming from another hosting solutions provider and need to transfer all of your data to FM Enterprises, they will assist you in the transfer for free. This is very encouraging since it will help you get to a fast start with their hosting services and at the same time, help you troubleshoot transferring issues that may arise.

What’s Disappointing About FM Enterprises?

&#10006 Linux-only support

Being a Linux-only solution is just about the only disappointing thing about FM Enterprises. This does not severely limit their customer base but there are still quite a number of Windows developers out there that want to have platform and OS consistency when they develop.

&#10006 Better customer support

Customer support in the hosting industry is either excellent or needs a lot of improvemet and unfortunately, for FM Enterprises, they need to beef up their staff. Not just in terms of speed in handling issues but in terms of their knowledge especially for the more advanced users. It is definitely easier to maintain existing customers and an efficient support team should be able to do that. There are a number of reports that trouble tickets are not being addressed at all.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a hosting company that is based in Pakistan to partner with, then there are very few that can beat what FM Enterprises offers. But if you are looking for a more flexible, internationally-used partner then you should go and canvass for other providers out there.