FDC Servers is a hosting solutions provider with a data center located in the CBOT or the Chicago Board of Trading Building, which is regarded as one of the most equipped buildings in the world in terms of power supplies and communications resources.

The Hosting Package

Server 1 costs $45 per month for a year and includes 10 MB bandwidth, a dual core ATOM with 2 GB RAM plus a 500 GB disk space. Sever 2 costs $59 a month for the 10 MB bandwidth, choice of a US or European location, dual core ATOM with 4 GB RAM and 1.5 TB disk space. Server 3 costs $89 per month for a year for the 10 MB bandwidth, Dual Core Intel E5200 with 4 GB RAM and 1.5 TB disk space.

What’s Great About FDC Servers?

    • Web templates for first time users

FDC Servers offers some basic assistance in web site design. From best practice tips to templates and other e-commerce tips, you can count on some basic web design information that can help your service get off the ground. For those who are not experts in web design and are more into the web developing aspect, this is a huge helping hand so that you do not need to hire a separate web designer for your project.

    • Focuses on providing enterprise hardware for the bigger players

The main focus of FDC Servers is the bigger players in the web developing world. This means that if you are an enterprise user, most of their features and services cater to that type of user. There is no room for tips for start up web developers here and you really get hard core, knowledgeable support about scalability and stability.

    • In-house support team

The number one positive thing about FDC Servers is that they have a well-trained, in-house technical and customer support team, which allows them to really control the quality of the calls and emails. They prioritize customer service above anything else since the company believes that this is their differentiating factor, amidst the sea of hosting providers.

    • Fast support team responses

Their support team quickly addresses issues whether they are trouble tickets or web inquiries. The best part is that their action points are well defined, concrete actions and not just the overly used “we’ll look into it” type of reply.

What’s Disappointing About FDC Servers?

&#10006 Not so good performance

This is quite expected with such a low introductory price and unlimited hosting packages, but FDC Servers is not for those who want a rock solid performance. Although they do have their money back guarantee, if you are the type that doesn’t want to spend extra time trying things out, then it is best you look at other hosting providers out there.

&#10006 No unlimited data traffic package

Most web developers are looking for unlimited data plans that they can maximize, especially if you are looking at reselling their packages. This is not the case with FDC Servers since they do not have any type of unlimited date packaging.

The Bottom Line

FDC servers is a so-so company except for their really good customer support team, which is a rarity these days. With that, it is recommended that you check them out and see if their resources supports your needs.