Fazewire hosting is a budget web hosting solutions provider focusing on giving affordable shared and VPS packages for starter web developers. They beef up their portfolio by including features that are not commonly included in other hosting company’s line up, such as shopping cart support and web-based mail tools.

The Hosting Package

Shared hosting packages start at $2.49 a month, which covers 20 GB of disk space, 40 GB bandwidth and your choice of control panel. VPS or Virtual Private Server packages start at $6.50 per month inclusive of 50 GB disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth and comes with full management and a cPanel control panel. Dedicated servers are at $49.95 per month with an Atom to Dual Nehalem Quad Core, 1 GB guaranteed RAM and 250 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About Fazewire?

    • Good value for the money

For the small amount of money you are paying Fazewire, you are getting a relatively rich list of features and storage capacity for your website. Starting at the $2.49 per month package, there is minimal risk in your project budgeting with that amount of cash out.

    • Inclusive of email features such as auto responders, forwarders and web-based email

Fazewire includes features that are nice to have in a start up web service, such as auto responders, forwarders and web-based email applications. While these may not be viewed as necessities, bundled with the low package price, this makes a tempting offer to first time web hosting customers.

    • Shopping cart and SSL support

Shopping card and SSL support is also included for additional fees with Fazewire’s services. This means that if your web service is an e-commerce site then you will probably benefit from these types of features.

    • Web statistics feature

A very useful tool to have although not readily available in most web hosting companies is a web statistics tool that helps you study the traffic in your web site. This is very useful to have so that you can get to know your web site’s users and visitors, which will enable you to make the necessary changes to address your target market.

What’s Disappointing About Fazewire?

&#10006 Instances of long service disruptions (more than three days)

Although Fazewire has a fairly stable reputation, there have been instances of long service disruptions, sometimes lasting for more than 3 days. In some web services, this is already a huge issue since you want to have a consistent web experience for all of your users.

&#10006 No support for Windows OS

Although Linux is recognized as the preferred operating system for web deployments, not having Windows OS support limits the potential customers of Fazewire. There are some projects that prefer to still use Windows for the sake of platform consistency.

The Bottom line

Fazewire has a couple of innovative features that you may find extremely useful come deployment time. If you think you will greatly benefit from these e-commerce tools then you can probably go ahead and avail of their services, especially if you do not mind working on a Linux-only environment.