Evct Hosting, now merged with Blue1 Hosting, is a shared web hosting solutions provider that aims to provide purely customized packages to their customers. This can be a love it or hate it situation since some users prefer to see pre-planned packages while other welcome the freedom to choose what they want and need to get.

The Hosting Package

Since there are no pre-made hosting packages, it is quite difficult to get a gauge on how much their services are, overall. You need to ask for a quotation from their customer service representative, after giving them the specifications that you need.

What’s Great About Evct Hosting?

    • Customizable hosting package

The freedom to choose what you need for your service and take out the other items that you really do not need to prioritize is quite liberating for some. This setup is ideal for those companies that find it difficult to get a package that suits them just right. For some cases, this also comes out cheaper since you can take out what you do not need from the package and in turn, from the cost.

    • Flexibility in balancing what you can afford and what you need

With the customizable package scheme, you can easily find a balance between your budget and your project’s needs. In most cases, add-ons just increase the price while they are not necessarily wanted. For example, if you are content with just 1 static IP, but the cheapest offerings in other companies already offer 5, you might be able to save on costs by having your package customized by Evct Hosting.

    • No bad reviews, yet

There’s not much negative publicity associated with Evct Hosting so in a sense, silence is good. Irate customers can easily hit the forums and spread the reason why they are unhappy with their current web-hosting provider. The absence of negative publicity is a good sign that at least, no one is frustrated with their services.

    • Access to preinstalled scripts

Installation and setup is easy with Evct Hosting since they provide installation scripts that will make your life a lot easier especially during set up time. This is often the bane in doing hosting partnerships – that setup and installation can take a lot of your time and is usually the first call you make to their customer support hotline.

What’s Disappointing About Evct Hosting?

&#10006 No ready-made packages for easier comparison of rates and services

Their strength is also their weakness. For other customers who are not so sure of what they want and are guided mostly about the pricing of a plan, they do not have much of a starter option that they can easily review. This can be discouraging for some, which is a pity since there is a lot more that they can work with Evct Hosting.

&#10006 Not much actual user reviews

There are not much actual user reviews that you can find online regarding Evct Hosting. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing because no one is ranting about them, the bad thing is that maybe there’s not much people who have actually tried their service. There’s no way to know for sure unless you personally give it a go.

The Bottoml ine

If you have the time to look for other web hosting services out there, then it might be good to spend some time looking for other options. The lack of actual user feedback can mean that they haven’t built a strong reputation for people to recommend them to their friends. Since they do not have anything spectacular to offer, the suggestion is that you wait for actual user reviews to surface before you avail any of their services.