Energized IT, now named Pugmarks, is a web hosting solutions provider focusing on delivering stable dedicated servers and managed services for business to enterprise users. They do not have shared hosting or VPS offerings.

The Hosting Package

Energized IT’s package starts with the Dual Core Pentium 4 E2180 2.0 GHz machine with 1 GB RAM and 160 GB HDD for $124.99 per month for a year. Their most expensive machine is the Quad Core Dual Xeon 5405, 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD priced at $249.99 per month.

What’s Great About Energized IT?

    • Stable uptime feedback

Energized IT maintains a relatively good uptime record. Aside from the regular maintenance upgrades, there are almost no reports of disruptive downtimes after deployment.

    • Focuses on providing enterprise hardware for the bigger players

The main focus of Energized IT is the bigger players in the web developing world. This means that if you are an enterprise user, most of their features and services cater to that type of user. There is no room for tips for start up web developers here and you really get hard core, knowledgeable support about scalability and stability.

    • Discount coupons available in the Internet

The good thing about Energized IT is that they have a number of discount coupons going around the Internet to make their packages a bit more affordable. Dedicated servers are really on the expensive side but discount coupons amounting to a 5% discount can be substantial, especially in the long run.

    • 60-day money back guarantee

Enterprise users need more time to work out the kinks and test run servers. This is why Energized IT’s money back guarantee covers 60 days. This is a very attractive offer for those who are quite hesitant on trying them out due to the high hardware packages.

What’s Disappointing About Energized IT?

&#10006 Ugly and not very useful home page

Their website is not the best website in the world. Targeting enterprise users does not mean that you cannot have a fun and useful website. Packages are difficult to spot and if you want more information from them, you really need to carefully read the small text display in their website. It is like reading fine print!

&#10006 Records of downtime exceeding 30 hours

There have been accounts of downtime exceeding 30 hours, which is like a death sentence for enterprise users. Although these are rare, these are also very real circumstances that you definitely want to avoid.

The Bottom line

There are other dedicated server providers that can assure you of a more stable service, no matter what. Large scale deployments are no joke and you must prioritize nearly 100% uptime to make your service a success.