El Motaheda is a web services company that not just offers hosting packages. Anything and everything connected to the web, they nearly supply or give consultancy services for. El Motaheda is based in Egypt.

The Hosting Package

You need to personally get in touch with the El Motaheda team to get to know their packages, not just for web hosting but for all other services you can avail from them – web site management, content management, SEO optimization, web design and internet advertising.

What’s Great About El Motaheda?

    • Offers many other things – web design, Internet marketing and SEO copywriting

El Motaheda is a jack-of-all-trades. They offer everything that you will need to manage a website, from the design to the content management to the actual hosting and to the managed server tasks. You need not go to another web design to avail of these services.

    • Friendly customer support team

The friendly customer support team of El Motaheda makes it easy for the customers to seek advice in terms of installation and set up issues. El Motaheda tries to differentiate themselves from other hosting solutions provider by adding that human touch into their list of services. Their customer support team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry and there are rarely any unhappy reports about their performance.

    • Web templates for first time users

El Motaheda offers some basic assistance in web site design. From best practice tips to templates and other e-commerce tips, you can count on some basic web design information that can help your service get off the ground. For those who are not experts in web design and are more into the web developing aspect, this is a huge helping hand so that you do not need to hire a separate web designer for your project.

    • Customizable hosting package

The freedom to choose what you need for your service and take out the other items that you really do not need to prioritize is quite liberating for some. This setup is ideal for those companies that find it difficult to get a package that suits them just right. For some cases, this also comes out cheaper since you can take out what you do not need from the package and in turn, from the cost.

What’s Disappointing About El Motaheda?

&#10006 Not too user friendly website

It takes several minutes before you realize that El Motaheda’s website does not have web hosting packages for you. You search into all of their menus looking for prepared packages or at least a link to get a formal quotation from them but what do you find – nothing! This is a bad example for someone who claims to have a web design consultancy arm.

&#10006 Not so good performance

This is quite expected with such a low introductory price and unlimited hosting packages, but El Motaheda is not for those who want a rock solid performance. Although they do have their money back guarantee, if you are the type that doesn’t want to spend extra time trying things out, then it is best you look at other hosting providers out there.

The Bottom Line

El Motaheda is a living contradiction – they offer so many web services and yet they do not even have a good website to begin with. It may be best to go with some other hosting solutions provider.