Two quick questions for you:

  1. Would you like a web host that offers premium features and services at a fraction of the cost?
  2. Looking for web hosting services that live up to their promises and give more value for money?

If you answered YES to both, then read on to discover what is possibly the best, most affordable web hosting option in 2015!

After reading this post, you will have found the perfect web host and get exactly what you need and want. Enough big talk then, let’s get on with it:

If you’re just getting started with a website or blog, chances are you’re going for a simple, all-in-one web hosting solution to help you get up and running. If you own a small- or medium-scale business, you’d definitely go for a risk-free, budget-friendly package, right? I mean, who doesn’t?

ehostEnter eHost, a popular and powerful entry-level web hosting solution that will make you wonder why you haven’t discovered it earlier. They have been in business for over a decade (and not many can last that long!) and recently underwent a major facelift by owner Endurance International Group (EIG). This web hosting provider is one of the best and most affordable choices in the market.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Come and see it for yourself! Together, let’s find out why website owners and web developers from across the world prefer eHost over its competition. And by the time you’re finished reading this review, you’ll surely be one of the millions of satisfied clients who will give eHost a solid 5-star rating!

Is eHost Affordable?

eHost offers an all-inclusive shared web hosting plan called Premium Hosting. It’s an affordable entry point that lets you choose between monthly and annual payment, at dirt-cheap prices. The package comes with everything you need to host, create, and manage a highly successful website or blog.

Most web host providers offer the same set of features on the surface, like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited emails, a user-friendly website builder, 24/7 customer support, etc. Of course, these features are to be expected on any decent web host provider. You need to look beyond the usual offering and dig deeper! With eHost, these count for only a fraction of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you have your site hosted with them. Their Premium Hosting plan includes, but are not limited to, the following features:

  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Free email address
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder
  • 1000s professional-looking website templates

And if you think they’re stopping there…

eHost offer add-ons that are 100% FREE!

Most web hosting providers offer free stuff like domain registration for 1 year only, but what they don’t tell you is that this supposed “free” stuff isn’t entirely free.

If you don’t read the fine print, you’ll be made to pay for domain registration after the first year – and it will come at a hefty price! You’ll end up paying $20 per year for a “free domain” that would normally cost only $10 from most registrars. To make matters worse, this will add up over time! So who will end up the loser?

You – and through no fault of your own!

I found it refreshing that eHost gives you a free domain name registration for life – meaning, as long as you use their service. Now THAT is something you can sink your teeth into. It’s not some BS bait-and-switch trick and eHost doesn’t participate in such things, unlike many other web hosting companies out there. You will only have to pay extra fees if you move your domain to a different web host so as long as you stay with them, it’s free for life!

Besides the free domain, eHost also offers the following free add-ons:

  • Free cloud storage for greater accessibility, reliability, and protection of data
  • Free marketing tools and ad credits for eCommerce websites
  • Free website builder for fast and easy website creation and management

Exciting, right? So if you still don’t have an eHost account, now is the time to register! And don’t let this day end without you signing up for an account with them. Why? Because right now, they’re offering a juicy 50% Limited-Time Discount!

Right now, eHost is offering their entire hosting package for only $2.75 a month. That’s 50% off the regular price, which is $5.50!

Plan Introductory Offer
(50% Limited-Time Discount)
Premium – 1 Month $6.99
Premium –  12 months $4.99
Premium –  24 months $3.49
Premium – 36 months $2.75

So you may want to go visit eHost and sign up now before the sale ends. Hopefully, it’s still running by the time you read this.

How Does eHost Compare on Pricing?

Here’s a full comparison of the prices of top web host providers compared to eHost, based on a 2-year subscription (as of October 2015):

Web Hosts Plan Price Renewal Rate Compare to eHost Full Refund Trial
eHost $2.75/month $7.98/month   45 days
BlueHost $3.95/month $6.99/month 44% more expensive 30 days
FatCow $3.15/month $9.99/month 15% more expensive 30 days
GoDaddy $4.99/month $6.99/month 81% more expensive 45 days
Dream Host $7.87/month $8.95 186% more expensive 30 days

Perhaps the only web host provider that beats eHost in terms of pricing is iPage, which offers a $1.99 monthly host plan – 28% cheaper than that of eHost. However, it offers a shorter refund trial, which is just 30 days.

Overall, eHost tops the chart in terms of value for money. You won’t find any other web host as good as this one!

…and let’s not forget that 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

eHost is confident about their services and they really believe in what they offer. Still, if you’re not satisfied with their services, eHost think that you deserve to get a full refund – no questions asked!

During the first 45 days, eHost will give you your money back in full. That’s right, eHost guarantee you’ll get your money back in FULL without any hidden charges or strange policies to jump through.  It’s quite refreshing, considering how a lot of web hosts these days get their clients tied with annoying terms and conditions, and costly hidden fees.

eHost Uptime Score (updated every hour)

eHost does live up to its promises, including a 99.9% guaranteed server uptime. This is one thing many website owners need in a web host because it assures that their site is fully functioning most of the time. After all, nobody wants a site that always goes offline because this could result to lost revenue.

Here’s the latest eHost uptime score using Pingdom:

Uptime Report for Last 30 days

eHost guarantees that your site will always be accessible to your customers and prospects. And if you experience less than what they promised, eHost will give you a month’s worth of account credit. Fair enough, right?

Drag and Drop User-Friendly Site Builder Outclasses The Competition

There are lots of awesome website builders out there, but most of them are easily forgettable. But with eHost, it’s an entirely different story. Their drag-and-drop website builder is one of the main selling points, making building a website faster and easier. It’s sleek, modern, and comes packed with all the tools you need. This means that even if you have no prior experience to programming, you can still create your own website or blog with ease.

eHost uses the ever-popular and reliable cPanel. It’s extremely easy to use and set up, with a user-friendly interface. You can easily find and use the tools you need in a single location. What’s more, it’s mobile optimized, with a built-in mobile editor that makes a HUGE difference in this modern age. With cPanel, you can access your eHost account via your smartphone and tablet; and set up and manage your site on-the-go! Amazing, right?

But wait, there’s more good stuff you should know while you’re shopping around.

Fresh and Modern Predesigned Templates

Besides the flexible layout options, one-click script and application installations, and easy section re-ordering, eHost’s site builder also boasts a whole plethora of professional-looking predesigned templates. These templates are especially made for small business owners who want to create a strong online presence with their website or blog, no matter what niche they’re in. You no longer have to waste precious time designing a website from scratch. With these beautiful templates, you can get a nice-looking site with just a single mouse-click. More time means you can focus on more important things – like making more money through your business!

There are THOUSANDS of amazing eHost templates with clean, fresh, and modern designs you won’t find elsewhere. You can choose a simple template or one that’s specifically designed for your chosen niche. What’s more, eHost makes it easier for you to find the perfect template as they’re well-organized to make the search quick and simple.

Can you find another web host as value-driven and easy-to-use as eHost? I think not.

Expect First-Class Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at eHost, so they make sure that all of their clients are pleased with their services.  They offer friendly customer support 24/7, with a team of expert customer care agents based in the US and Canada. You won’t be talking to agents who don’t speak English well; just a friendly expert who can actually assist you with any technical issues. Based on our experience, we found that their staff are knowledgeable and are able to address issues in a professional manner. They were able to quickly determine solutions to the problems we posed (even the most difficult ones). It’s pretty clear that they’ve undergone rigorous training!

You can reach eHost via phone, live chat, and email. They guarantee that phone calls and live chat will be answered in less than two minutes, which is a big plus. After all, not all web hosts can provide prompt assistance like they do! If you don’t need immediate help, you can reach them via email. And even then, expect fast response within 2 hours.

Besides customer support, eHost have outdone themselves by providing an online help center for their clients. Let’s face the fact that some web hosts suck in terms of providing online help. Some of them have badly built online help centers, while some lack guides and tutorials on their FAQs section. eHost, however, have set a good example that others should follow. They boast a comprehensive knowledgebase filled with FAQs and how-to’s that cover majority of queries. They are well-written and easily understandable for the new user, so starting a website is as easy as pie!

Recap – Here’s What You Get

  • Freebies and Add-Ons. There’s fantastic value for money here at eHost, because you’ll get more than what you’ve paid for in terms of freebies and extras. There’s the easy-to-use site builder, 1000s of carefully crafted templates, free domain for life, and other cool design and marketing tools that make their hosting package stand out from the rest! What’s not to love?
  • Comprehensive Online Help. Among all web hosts we’ve tried, eHost has one of the best libraries of useful tutorials and guides. Even if you’re new to website building, you’ll feel like a pro in no time!
  • Mobile-Friendly Features. More and more people are turning to their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, so it only makes sense to make your website/blog mobile-friendly. With eHost, you can set up hosting that’s optimized for mobile, both on the server side as well as the cPanel. This means that you can set up and manage your site anytime and anywhere, as long as you have Internet connection.

Final Verdict: Two Thumbs Way Up

For first-timers and non-technical business owners looking to launch a strong web presence, eHost is a wise choice.

This fast-growing company is distrupting the big dinosaurs of the hosting industry such as iPage and BlueHost.

They offer great performance and ease of use for new and experienced users alike, and they managed to tick all the boxes in terms of pricing, features, and customer support.

One place they really stood out for me was in their live chat support. Most hosts only employ non-technical “ticket submitters” for live chat support. However, eHost has actual intelligent human beings who are available to help you 24/7 via live chat, phone and email.

So if you’re looking for the best affordable hosting option right now, I can highly recommend eHost.

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