eBound has been around since 2000, giving them more than a decade of experience in dedicated server hosting, VPS and shared web hosting solutions. Their current lineup includes these services and more, so they are considered as one of those “all in one” type of hosting providers out there.

The Hosting Package

eBound has a lot of different packages. They have an Unlimited package, which costs $4 per month for a year and includes unlimited support for domains, unlimited monthly data transfer allowance, SSH access and is even Windows AND Mac compatible. This unlimited package also gives you unlimited email addresses with webmail application and SPAM protection plus 24/7 uptime monitoring system.

Their dedicated server packages start at $99 per month for the Atom D525 1.8 GHz 500 GB Hard drive machine, with 4 GB RAM and 10 TB bandwidth plus 5 IP addresses. Their high-end dedicated server package costs $300 a month for the Eight A6128 2.0 GHz 8 Real CPU dedicated Cores with 2 TB HD, 16 GB RAM at 1333 MHz and a 10 TB bandwidth. This package also comes with 5 IP addresses.

Their VPS or Virtual Private Server packages start at $20 per month for the entry level VPS 150, which has a 15 GB storage and 150 MB RAM with a 150 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About eBound Host?

    • Reliable Service

What is great about eBound Host is that they have a very good team of customer and post-sales support. While they are not available all the time (see section on disappointments below), they are equipped with a knowledgeable staff.

    • Responsive Customer Support Staff

Customer support staff’s turnaround time in terms of addressing issues is a big plus. You wouldn’t want your trouble tickets to rot for months in their records and you do not have to worry about that with this customer support team.

    • Unlimited packages available

The unlimited packages remove the burden of having to monitor your own data consumption. It is the next most commonly asked question by web developers, after knowing the price of the package. Unlimited packages are still very much wanted even if sometimes these packages are blamed for the sluggish movement in the network.

    • Informative website

This portion of the web service is often taken for granted but without a useful website jam packed with relevant information, then a hosting service will not fly. In their website you can easily spot the promos that they have and the types of packages that you can avail of. The perks are also listed on the home page as well as some snippets of testimonials.

    • Reasonable Rates

Their rates are one of the friendliest in the market, with very encouraging fees for those who are just starting. Even their VPS and dedicated server packages are reasonably priced, which makes you think that you cannot get a deal better than this, without it coming off as too cheap to become suspicious.

What’s Disappointing About eBound Host?

&#10006 Control Panel needs work

It would be great if they just use cPanel for their control panel for easier access and usage.

&#10006 Limited Customer Support time (not available past 5pm)

What is sad about their customer support is that they are not available after office hours. If you have an issue in the middle of the night, you need to wait for the next business day to contact them.

The Bottom Line

If the availability or the schedule of their customer support staff does not bother you, then they are a good package to get.