Dewlance is a fairly new team founded last January 2009, with servers located in Kansas City. They offer a wide variety of packages suitable for both start-ups and small business users. Prices are fairly competitive given the amount of space allotted for each account. Dewlance offers reseller and dedicated hosting services for both Windows and Linux users.

The Hosting Package

Dewlance has nearly a dozen different types of packages for both Windows and Linux users. Shared hosting starts with the Bronze package, costing $1.99 per month for the 1000 MB disk space. The Silver package is $3.00 per month for the 5000 MB disk space and the Gold package is at $6.00 per month for the 10 GB disk space. All of the shared hosting packages have unmetered bandwidth allocations.

Reseller packages start with the Starter pack, which is $8.99 per month for the 50,000 MB disk space. Basic Reseller is at $12.99 per month with 70,000 MB disk space and the Business Unmetered Reseller package is at $20.00 for the unlimited disk space. All of these plans also offer unmetered bandwidth allocations.

Virtual dedicated hosting packages range from $12.00 to $64.00 depending on the needed disk space and transfer rates.

What’s Great About Dewlance?

    • Free setup

The free setup, although available in other service providers, is still a good thing to have. At least all you need to pay for is the hosting service itself and there are no hidden charges once you have agreed to sign up with them. Since no one really bothers to read the Terms and Conditions page of any service provider, knowing that there are no hidden charges in activities such as set up, is a good thing to have.

    • Support for both Windows and Linux

Dewlance supports both Windows and Linux, in nearly identical packages. They are quite close to providing equal “rights” regardless if you are a Windows or Linux user. This is really good to have since you will not be forced to go with one operating system, as with other more popular hosting solutions providers.

    • Offers reseller packages

Dewlance encourages reselling and in fact has specific packages for resellers. This is a good thing for those who want to earn extra aside from the main business goal of their website. Reselling affordable packages is a good way to earn extra bucks that can eventually pay for your own hosting services availed.

    • Unlimited packages

Unlimited packages are what most web developers look for. It allows you to put up as much content as you want, without worrying about going over your limit and paying more for your hosting needs. This is an excellent choice for those who are selling content since you do not need to monitor the capacity of your site.

What’s Disappointing About Dewlance?

&#10006 Long service interruptions, though not too frequent

There have been accounts of downtime exceeding 30 hours, which is like a death sentence for enterprise users. Although these are rare, these are also very real circumstances that you definitely want to avoid.

&#10006 Not too popular with actual users

There is not much user reviews regarding Dewlance’s hosting performance, which makes you think if anyone has dared to try out their services.

The Bottom line

Nothing too great but nothing preventing you from signing up with them, either. But it might be better to wait for someone else to try them out, just to be safe.