Dedicated Server Depot is a hosting company based in Coral Springs, Florida. They offer mostly dedicated server hosting with some reseller packages for those who opt to resell their services.

The Hosting Package

Dedicated Server Depot’s packages consist of a few plans all with unlimited data transfer, starting from $250.00 per month. Other additional resources or features such as faster transfer speed or more SQL servers are available as add-ons to the basic package.

The Basic Dedicated Server plan comes with 4 GB of RAM, 1 Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor (3.2 GHz), 1 static IP address and unlimited data. There are options to upgrade to 5 static IP addresses for $15 more per month.

What’s Great About Dedicated Server Depot?

    • Option to have unlimited data consumption

One of the good things about Dedicated Server Depot is the fact that you can have unlimited data consumption even on their basic plans so that you need not worry about counting your data consumption midway into the project.

    • Option to have upgrades on top of regular plans

Another good thing to have is that you have the freedom and flexibility to add on specific needs on top of your basic plan. Whether you need a hardware upgrade or more static IP addresses, these top ups are available from Dedicated Server Depot.

    • Stable performance

By virtue of being a dedicated server hosting company, these types of hosting services are stable by default. But apart from that, Dedicated Server Depot’s track record is quite impressive and so far, there have been no accounts of catastrophic errors and disruptions from their end. This is a good thing to have especially for fast growing companies that need hosting partners that are as steady as a boulder.

    • Good customer service

For accounts that invest quite a large amount of money on a monthly basis, it is expected that customer service should be really good since you are dealing with huge amounts of data traffic here. In this aspect, Dedicated Server Depot does not fail to please its customers. The turnaround time is quite good along with the overall knowledge of their customer support staff.

What’s Disappointing About Dedicated Server Depot?

&#10006 No VPS or Virtual Private Server option

If you want to stay with Dedicated Server Depot but needs a VPS, then you better look at other service providers. Dedicated Server Depot is really dedicated in the sense that they have no other offerings aside from their dedicated servers.

&#10006 Expensive running cost

There is no beating around the bush – dedicated server solutions are expensive and Dedicated Server Depot is not an exception to the rule.

The Bottomline

If you are looking for a provider for your growing web site, that needs to be stable as rock and you do not mind shelling out a few hundred bucks each month to ensure this, then Dedicated Server Depot is the right hosting provider for you.