DanKobler merges web design with their shared hosting packages geared for the business and enterprise users. Although they have a lot of tools to help you create and manage your own website, their packages are geared towards the super user, and not for personal use.

The Hosting Package

DanKobler structures their hosting packages on a yearly basis. All packages include free setup, webmail, FTP access and are all Unix-based. The 1GB Business package includes 1 GB of storage with 20 GB monthly transfer allowance for $240 a year. This includes 15 sub domains and 10 MySQL databases. For the 50 GB Enterprise package, it includes 50 GB storage, 500 GB monthly transfer allowance for $480 a year. This also includes 150 sub domains and 100 MySql databases.

What’s Great About DanKobler?

    • Provides information on website design and ad placement

A very useful add-on to the DanKobler lineup is their developer information for website design. The website design information does not only include user interface tips but also how to place web ads strategically to maximize potential return.

    • Easy to use tools

Their control panel’s user interface is good and user-friendly. The intuitive design in the control panel screens is a rarity these days since most providers do not prioritize this screen at all. The common misconception is that web administrators do not need a handsome page to adjust the controls but for newbie users, sometimes this makes a huge difference.

    • 30-day money back guarantee

A 30-day money back guarantee is a big assurance to you that you can always cancel the service if you find their performance unsatisfactory. You can go ahead and give them a try without fearing that your entire budget can be wiped out by just the hosting solution cost.

    • Discount coupons available

This is probably every shoppers favorite – discount coupons! DanKobler appeals to the frugal customer by giving out discount coupons on their official site and in partner sites, as well.

What’s Disappointing About DanKobler?

&#10006 Slow customer service responses

This may be a consequence of the frequent downtimes thatDanKobler subscribers experience – it takes some time before the customer support is able to attend to your trouble tickets filed. This also goes the same for the phone calls that are being routed to their customer support staff.

&#10006 Linux-only packages, no support for Windows

The single biggest negative point against DanKobler is their lack of support for the Windows operating system. While most web developers really prefer Linux over Windows, it still is a downer that they do not have support for Windows. After all, Windows followers are still a significant amount out there.

The Bottom line

The verdict is that you can probably look for other similar services that offer these prices and these inclusions because if you are on an enterprise level already, you cannot risk slow customer responses to issues that you see on your growing website.