Crosswinds Hosting aims to provide high quality web hosting solutions for personal and business use. They cater to the start up web companies that simply want a reliable, dependable hosting and email service. Crosswinds is a small company itself and believes in excellent customer service to retain their happy client base.

The Hosting Package

Crosswinds has one plan for all shared hosting users. Their plan, named Crosswinds ONE, costs $11.49 per month for unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 free domain with cPanel and Fantastico script. They also throw in unlimited Email accounts, subdomains and FTP accounts. Crosswinds has a promo that gives the last 2 months of your subscription for free if you pay on a yearly basis.

Reseller and dedicated server packages are also available upon request.

What’s Great About Crosswinds Hosting?

    • Helpful customer support team, especially to newbies

One of the frequent positive comments about Crosswinds Hosting is that their customer support staff is very helpful. Even if most of their customer interaction is done via email, the response time is still quite fast and they know what they are talking about. This is especially helpful for those who are not too technical and really need to be guided through installation and set up.

    • Stable service

Crosswinds has been around for a couple of years and apart from occasional service disruptions, they are able to deliver a good enough service. Network speed is decent and uptime is quite all right.

    • Speedy trouble ticket turnaround rate

Aside from the friendly demeanor of their customer support, they are able to reply to most trouble tickets fast. Tickets are easily acknowledged and a decent reply is almost always on its way within the first 24 hours.

    • Small but terrible company

It is known that Crosswinds is run by a handful of people only but they are always on top of things, from their customer support to answering quotation request for prospective clients. They seem to be doing a good job in terms of maintaining a stable environment for their servers to provide a good experience to their growing customer base.

What’s Disappointing About Crosswinds Hosting?

&#10006 Occasional service disruptions with no prior notice

Although this is quite rare, there are occasional service disruptions that customers are not given ample time to prepare for. This can be potentially catastrophic especially if you are running a high traffic site.

&#10006 A tad too expensive package

Crosswinds is not the cheapest service provider out there. There are many others that can provide you the same specs for a lower price or offer you so much more storage for the same price.

The Bottom line

Crosswinds’ reputation attests for their priority in excellent customer service to maintain their client base, although there are a lot of other hosting providers (with an always available toll free number for customer support) providing cheaper rates. So unless you really want to empower smaller hosting companies, it might still be a better idea to go with the more established names that can offer you the same package for a cheaper price.