Compevo Review

Compevo is a hosting company offering business packages for those needing hosting services. They specialize in VPS or Virtual Private Server solutions to business to enterprise users.

The Hosting Package

Their Business Starter package costs $9.88 per month for a year and comes with a 5 GB RAID disk storage space, 120 GB bandwidth, unlimited accounts and 1 MySQL database. The Business Intermediate package costs $15.76 per month for a year and comes with a 15 GB RAID disk storage space, 200 GB bandwidth, unlimited accounts and 5 MySQL databases. Their Business Pro package is priced at $29.98 per month for a year and can host unlimited websites. It is powered by a 50 GB RAID disk storage space, 200 GB bandwidth and 5 MySQL databases. This is commonly marketed to resellers.

What’s Great About Compevo?

    • Good uptime feedback

Compevo maintains a relatively good uptime record. Aside from the regular maintenance upgrades, there are almost no reports of disruptive downtimes after deployment.

    • Good support team

Compevo’s support team, both their customer service and technical support, are knowledgeable and polite. There have been no accounts of irate customer service agents from their end and they seem to manage the volume of calls and trouble tickets well.

    • Packaging very much targeted to enterprise users

This is not a company for the budding web developer and rightfully targets the enterprise sector. This is excellent if you are looking for a serious provider and not those smaller hosting companies that targets bloggers or smaller organziations.

    • Offers discounts via their website

You will notice that most of their published rates are given a 30-40% discount from their website. This is very encouraging given the fact that they have a lot of competitors out there offering roughly the same thing.

What’s Disappointing About Compevo?

&#10006 MySQL databases tend to be very slow

Along with the migration issues are overall performance issues when it comes to their MySQL databases support. These databases are the core of most web sites now and there shouldn’t be any hitches in running them, especially if you are targeting business and enterprise users.

&#10006 Expensive price tag

A minor draw back is thatCompevo’s packages are on the expensive side. For some, this little increase in cost compared to their nearest competitors is negligible but for start up companies, it can spell the difference between signing up withCompevo or looking for a cheaper alternative.

The Bottom line

Be on the look out for the discounts that they give out. If you are going to purchase them at regular price, then you can probably get a better deal elsewhere. Choosing to target enterprise users is a tricky business since they are not too price sensitive but at the same time you are pressured to deliver the best performance possible out of your existing system. This can be troublesome especially if the databases tend to act up from time to time. It is suggested that you source for a more reputable hosting company instead of Compevo.