Bounce Web has been around for over a decade, starting their operations since 1999. They aim to provide budget hosting solutions for all types of users – whether you are in this for personal, business or even enterprise use.

The Hosting Package

The Unlimited hosting plan costs $6.67 per month for a year with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and comes with free setup. The Bronze reseller package costs $17.97 per month for 25000 MB disk space and 250 GB bandwidth. The Silver reseller package costs $27.97 per month for the 50000 MB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth. The Gold reseller package costs $37.97 for the 75000 MB disk space and 750 GB bandwidth.

What’s Great About Bounce Web?

    • Unlimited hosting package

An unlimited hosting package gives you the freedom to do as you please, without really worrying about the costs of your actions. All you need to remember is the monthly fee, which you need to pay for, and then everything else is negligible. For those who find this type of package attractive, then you will be happy to see it with Bounce Web.

    • Reseller package available

They also have reseller packages, for those who purely want to resell or want to enhance their current business model with reseller packages. This is a great option to earn extra cash while keeping operations simple. You only need to remember one contact point, that is staying with Bounce Web, for all of your hosting needs.

    • Easy data transfer

Transferring your data, from an old service provider to Bounce Web is made easier. They will assist you with the transfer at no extra cost, so this is very encouraging if you are thinking of switching providers sometime soon. For other hosting companies, they charge for this kind of service.

    • Account ready in a few minutes

A fast setup and account availability is ideal, especially for those who need to transfer and have their service up and running rapidly. If you are transferring from a severe outage from another provider, you will be happy to know that Bounce Web does not only assist you in the transfer, they do it fast, too.

What’s Disappointing About Bounce Web?

&#10006 Declining customer service experience

Bounce Web has seen better days. They were better when they were younger and one may attribute the decline in customer service experience to the number of customers they have. But still, they must still compete with their old reputation by being one of the preferred hosting providers out there.

&#10006 Poor performance

Their performance is not up to par as how it used to be, too. There are a lot of network outages that are both announced and unannounced.

&#10006 Suspends site without notice

One of the biggest negative points against Bounce Web is that they can suspend your account without prior notice. While this may be in the Terms and Conditions page, it would still be nice to get a notice, even through mail, that your account will be suspended or terminated in a few days time.

The Bottom Line

There are many other services offering the same line up as Bounce Web, which has a more reputable performance. Although they have seen better days, most of their competitors have caught up with them. Except for the rapid data transfer, there are really not much big plus points with them.