Blackfoot Hosting is a UK-based hosting solutions company that provides both personal and business hosting solutions accompanied with some other e-commerce services such as SEO copywriting, domain registration and VPS hosting.

The Hosting Package

The Home hosting package costs $65 a year for the 500 MB web space, 5 GB bandwidth with 5 POP3 email boxes. The Business hosting package costs $82 a year for the 5 GB web space, 25 GB bandwidth and 100 POP3 email boxes. E-commerce hosting costs $163 per year for 7.5 GB web space, 5 GB bandwidth and 200 POP3 email boxes. Their most expensive shared hosting plan is the Professional hosting package, which costs $244 a year for the 10 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth and 300 POP3 email boxes.

Their lone VPS hosting package costs $48.95 per month for a quarter of a year and comes with 25 GB disk space with unlimited domains.

What’s Great About Blackfoot Hosting?

    • Uses cPanel

cPanel makes admin work so much easier. It is a good thing that Blackfoot Hosting uses cPanel as their control panel interface. For those who already know how to use cPanel, this means no more learning curve when you move on to Blackfoot Hosting.

    • Access to script library

There are a number of tools available for installation, as well as a library of scripts that you can use. This will come in handy especially for those who are not too experienced in installing web hosting facilities and maintenance of the admin functions.

    • Free Site Studio builder

For those who are not really into web designing or newbies in the field, access to a free site builder is a huge help. This will take several hours off your site development time by just using readily available templates and tools to easily launch your service.

What’s Disappointing About Blackfoot Hosting?

&#10006 No Actual User Reviews

There’s not much you can see in online forums and review sites since they are fairly new and obviously not too popular. This also means there are no horrible reviews of them or else someone would have burst their seams in complaining about their lousy service. So this can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

&#10006 Not A Lot of Windows Packages

You have to stick it with Linux if you are going with them since they do not have support for Windows (and Mac, too).

The Bottom Line

It’s okay to go with Blackfoot hosting if you do not mind not having too much reviews to base your decision on.

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