Arvixe is one of the newer web hosting providers on the block. Launched in 2003, they provide a variety of webhosting solutions ranging from personal shared hosting to managed dedicated server hosting.

Is Arvixe a hosting company who goes above and beyond the call of duty or are they a hosting provider who can’t meet the expectations of web hosting consumers? This is something that this hosting review will uncover for you. Let’s get on with dissecting Arvixe and their offerings.

The first thing that I noticed about Arvixe while reviewing them is that they don’t have any guarantees listed on their website like most providers. This is something that really irritates me to be honest. Why? Simply because it makes me think that they don’t have faith in what they offer since they aren’t willing to guarantee customer satisfaction.

There are some other things that popped out to my eyes during this review, which will be covered in the future sections for your convenience.

Price Value

When it comes to value, I don’t play around. That’s why Arvixe is about to get a reality check on their pricing and offerings right here at Web Hosting Billboard.

Their personal class of shared hosting starts at $4.00 per month and provides you with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Sure, this is around what some of the older, leading hosts charge, but we’re not done here yet.

Their business class web hosting which provides you with the tools you need to establish an online presence for your business starts at $22.00 per month. Now, many hosts actually provide business tools with their cheaper hosting plans. This makes me think Arvixe is only out for the money, not their customers.

Let’s take these findings and find out what Arvixe is really made of in terms of value. To me, it looks like they restrict featured on their shared hosting that would be valuable to a business, and wouldn’t even cost them much more to provide. With that said, they seem to be pretty mischievous on their offerings.

I almost forgot to tell you that they will throw in a free domain name on their web hosting plans, but that really doesn’t help them win my heart over when reviewing the value that Arvixe provides.


Arvixe really seems to be skimping on their features. The reason I say this is not only do they limit the amount of websites that one can have on their lower-end shared hosting plans, but there are many other features which are limited.

Speaking from years of experience in the hosting industry, I can truthfully say that the only reason a host would ever do this is to try to make as much money as they can off of each customer that signs up to their service.

Here’s some of the other features that Arvixe provides.

  • cPanel (This is one of the best hosting control panels around.)
  • RVSiteBuilder
  • Fantastico One-Click Script Installations
  • Softaculous One-Click Script Installations
  • Daily Backups Via R1Soft


When researching any hosting company, I like to see what others have said about them so that I know how their reputation has been during their existence. The reason that I brought this up is that when it comes to Arvixe’s performance record, there’s truly a lot of negative mixed with a little bit of good.

Their website claims that they offer high speeds, but when it comes down to it many have said that the performance isn’t really all that good. Sure, they might be decent when it comes to performance, but they are far from proving to be one of the best.


If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you will know how important quality support is to me. When I need help, I have to have someone there to help me quickly and correctly. Let’s see just how Arvixe does on the support side of things.

Arvixe offers support via live chat, their helpdesk, and telephone. They claim to provide support at all hours of the day and night, which is a really good thing for a host to do.

I tested out their support on live chat, but when I did, I found something out that’s pretty disturbing to me. That was that even though on undisclosed online locations, a member of their staff claimed that their average response time on live chat is 10 seconds. However, it was pretty close to 3 minutes when I finally reached somebody.

What did I do? I did what I would do to any other hosting company that gets reviewed by me, I confronted them about their claims and inquired how it was possible if they took almost three minutes to answer my chat request. Needless to say, right off the bat, they started pointing fingers elsewhere.

Therefore, I have to say that Arvixe definitely needs some major improvements in terms of their support. If you want the best support in the industry, I doubt Arvixe is the way that you want to go.

Love Factor

I have no love for Arvixe whatsoever. I don’t want to sound biased, but when I discovered all of the ways that they go about business I concluded that they truly don’t seem to put the customer on the frontline. From restricting features that don’t cost them a dime to blaming others for their wrongdoings, they are definitely not one of the top hosting providers in the world.

With that said, I would recommend checking out one of our top hosts before you even consider going with Arvixe. I really don’t want you to take the chance of wasting your money and Arvixe has done nothing to prove that isn’t what you’re going to do when you choose them.