AN Hosting launched in 2001 to be the company where you could host twenty websites on one account and never experience any downtime.

The countless number of web hosting awards that AN Hosting has earned over their years in business should be able to tell you something.

When you use AN Hosting, your website will be housed on a server within a multi-million dollar datacenter located in Chicago known as the Equinix IBX Data Center. This data center had been built in order to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as any hack attempts.

When you choose a plan at AN Hosting, be ready to experience free domains for life, web analytics software, live support around the clock, unlimited e-mail addresses, and a site builder.

AN Hosting doesn’t only provide UNIX and Windows web hosting. AN Hosting also provides a virtual private network web hosting option.


AN Hosting Value

AN Hosting puts a stop to all of the different features with different web hosting plans by providing their clients everything that they could need in one simple, easy to use web hosting plan.

AN Hosting boasts a wide variety of features such as tools that can assist you when it comes to web design, website statistics, e-mail, e-commerce websites, and much, much more.

The services that AN Hosting provides are backed up by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

However, there is a little catch to AN Hosting. If you try to cancel and receive your refund from the 30 day money back guarantee that they offer, you will have to pay $21.95 for a fee for registering your “free” domain with AN Hosting. Keep in mind that you will own the domain even if you do cancel.

How’s AN Hosting Support?

AN Hosting provides around the clock support via a toll free telephone number and live chat. They encourage anyone with any questions to contact them at any hour of the day.

No matter what the question is related to whether it’s for sales or support. They want to be there to help you.

AN Hosting’s Control Panel

AN Hosting uses the power of cPanel to provide their web hosting customers with an extensive list of features that can turn out to be really useful for just about any type of website that you can think of.

cPanel isn’t the leading control panel within the web industry for nothing, it’s definitely one of the most powerful website control panels around.

How reliable is AN Hosting?

AN Hosting has a very high amount of customers who stay with them forever. This is due to the high amount of speed that AN Hosting runs to their servers in the form of a network connection and the highly skilled team always available at the data center to ensure that the servers are always online instead of offline. The reliability at AN Hosting speaks for itself.