AllWebCo offers hosting solutions for both personal and professional use. They have a wide variety of web templates that you can make use of to get your service off the ground.

The Hosting Package

AllWebCo has a wide range of shared hosting packages that you can choose from. Their cheapest package is the Value Package at $9.95 per month for a year, which includes 4 GB of storage and 250 GB monthly traffic allocation. Their Sale package is at $17.95 per month for a year and comes with 8 GB storage and 400 GB monthly traffic allocation. Their Professional Package is at $24.95 a month for a year and comes with 8 GB storage and 500 GB of monthly traffic.

What’s Great About AllWebCo?

    • Affordable packages

AllWebCo make it simple by having two packages to choose from, which are both affordable based on existing competitor rates. This means that you need not worry about having a big dent in your web project budget.

    • Good uptime feedback

AllWebCo maintains a relatively good uptime record. Aside from the regular maintenance upgrades, there are almost no reports of disruptive downtimes after deployment.

    • Web templates for first time users

AllWebCo offers some basic assistance in web site design. From best practice tips to templates and other e-commerce tips, you can count on some basic web design information that can help your service get off the ground. For those who are not experts in web design and are more into the web developing aspect, this is a huge helping hand so that you do not need to hire a separate web designer for your project.

    • A lot of e-commerce tips

Aside from the tools in web developing, AllWebCo offers a lot of e-commerce tips such as best practices in shopping cart management, some brand management techniques and the like. These are very valuable information especially for those who are new to this web/e-commerce world.

    • Very solid performance

One of the best things about AllWebCo is that they have built a reputation for being a very stable hosting provider, and have rightfully maintained this image.

What’s Disappointing About AllWebCo?

&#10006 Templates available are not all easy to use

While it is a perk that you have access to several web templates to help you get things started, not all web templates are built for the newbies. So be prepared to experience some self-studying of the templates if you are planning on using them.

&#10006 Absence of an unlimited package

While most hosting providers veer away from unlimited packages since they believe it is overselling the business, it is still what most web developers are looking for. This is sadly, also not in the lineup of AllWebCo.

The Bottom line

Other than the fact that they do not have unlimited packages, AllWebCo is one of the most consistent web hosting providers you can ever partner with.