HostKitty was founded in 2006, offering dedicated server hosting, secure certificates, merchant accounts on top of web hosting targeting small businesses and resellers. They are a fairly new team focusing on providing custom configurations for their clients.

The Hosting Package

HostKitty starts their hosting packages at $56.95 per month for the Beginning Plan, which includes 1 GB of memory for the Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz machine, 5 IP’s and the option to have it in Linux or in Windows 2003 Standard. Other add ons such as a Windows upgrade to 2003 Enterprise is an additional $30 per month. Payments can be done via credit card or Paypal.

What’s Great About HostKitty?

    • 30-day money back guarantee

The 30-day money back guarantee never fails to assure a user that he can always have his money refunded just in case he finds the service unsatisfactory. While some might say processing a refund is troublesome, at least you are assured that you can try their service with the freedom to pull out if you are unhappy.

    • Service coupons available offering 5% discount

There are some coupons available online offering a 5% discount on HostKitty’s services. While 5% may not seem that big, considering that you will be paying on a monthly basis, it can amount to a significant value. So be on the look out for those discount coupons on websites and even on HostKitty’s home page.

    • Does custom configurations

The lack of other packages from HostKitty does not mean that this is the only package that they offer. They mostly do custom configurations since every web project has a different set of demands and requirements. You may not need the top of the line speed of the network but you will need a high stable, robust system to be always online for your customers. All you need to do is to contact the customer support team of HostKitty and inquire about your upgrade options on top of the Beginning Plan.

    • Offers price matching schemes

HostKitty is the tiger when it comes to aggressive pricing. The Beginning Plan is already priced competitively and they aim to price match any service that has the same specifications as what they are offering. This is a good thing to have since if you like something from a competitor but prefer to stay with HostKitty, you know you have the option to just let them know if they can do the price matching.

What’s Disappointing About HostKitty?

&#10006 Lack of premade packages

Their strength is also their weakness. For other customers who are not so sure of what they want and are guided mostly about the pricing of a plan, they do not have much of a starter option aside from the Beginning plan. This can be discouraging for some, which is a pity since there is a lot more that they can work with HostKitty.

&#10006 Not so helpful web page

Their main web page is not very intuitive and does not maximize the screen so much. You need to click through several buttons first before you have an idea on how much their packages are and what their other services costs. This is wasting the time of the potential customers who are heavily canvassing for hosting rates.

The Bottom line

Since there is nothing out of the ordinary with HostKitty aside from the fact that they do price matching and offer custom configurations, you might be better off looking for other alternatives. That is unless you really value the fact that they can customize a package for you. This type of customization may work for those who find it difficult to match a package that suits their web hosting needs. If this is the case then it is quite rare that you see something like what HostKitty offers.