HostColor started since 2000 with several European partners in their team. This means that the option to do colocation is available. HostColor aims to provide low cost hosting packages to small business and enterprise users.

The Hosting Package

HostColor has several web hosting packages depending on your hosting needs. The Content Web Hosting plan costs $4.99 a month with 3,000 MB of web space and 3,000 GB of monthly transfer allowance. The Social Web Hosting plan costs $5.99 a month with 5,000 MB of web space and 5,000 GB of monthly transfer allowance. Their Web Mall Hosting plan costs $7.99 a month with 10,000 MB of web space and 5,000 GB of monthly transfer allowance. Lastly, their Multi Domain plan costs $9.99 a month with 30,000 MB of web space and 5,000 GB of monthly transfer allowance.

What’s Great About HostColor?

This is good news for Intel plans – all of their servers are Intel-based, which gives you the assurance that not only will performance be good, but the servers are reliable and stable as well.

    • Auto-installer programs available

Single-click auto-installer scripts are available for a hassle-free installation and setup. This is very useful especially for those who are not used to making their own installation scripts. This quickens your set up time to just a few minutes instead of several hours.

    • Support for email on Mac

One big feature offered by HostColor that is not available on most other hosting providers is their support for email on Mac. Most other hosting solutions provider focus on Windows and Linux as the preferred operating systems but HostColor extends a bit of their features into the world of Mac.

    • Good uptime record

HostColor’s uptime record is quite impressive, with rarely any downtime recorded aside from the scheduled maintenance upgrades. This is a big plus especially if you are running a reputable web service that needs to be up 24/7.

    • Well-trained customer support staff

The customer support staff of HostColor is quite knowledgeable in what they are doing. They claim that their customer support staff is in-house and not outsourced, allowing them to have tighter quality control on the calls and how the issues are being handled.

What’s Disappointing About HostColor?

&#10006 Some issues with domain transfer process

If you are transferring your data from one domain to the next, it is quite likely that you will experience some issues with HostColor. This is one of their weaknesses. Even with the assistance of their technical support team, expect some delay in the processing of domain transfers.

&#10006 No unlimited web storage option

For those who are looking for buffet type of services that includes unlimited web storage, you will be disappointed to know that HostColor does not offer packages like this. Since their packages are aimed for enterprise users, it is quite expected that they will have unlimited web storage options.

The Bottom line

If you do not mind not availing of unlimited web storage plans, then HostColor’s plans are attractive enough to at least try. A big reassurance is their customer support team that is quite good in handling reported issues.