365ezone is a hosting company that offers both Windows and Linux packages to serve the startup web developers. Their packages are designed to help those who are just starting in the web developing world, and not the enterprise users.

The Hosting Package

365ezone’s Linux Standard Plan covers 40 GB of disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, 1 hosted domain and 50 email accounts for $0.95 per month for a year. The Linux Business Plan covers 150 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts for $2.45 per month for a year. They also have an Unlimited plan, which gives you all unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains hosted and email accounts for $3.95 per month.

They also have a Windows shared hosting plan that includes 20 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, 50 email accounts, 5 MySQL databases and 1 hosted domain for $1.45 per month for a year.

What’s Great About 365ezone?

    • Very affordable packages

The single greatest thing about 365ezone are their package rates. It is very start-up friendly since for just over a dollar a month, you can have your own hosting package. This is a great help for students who are just exploring their web interests or non-profit organizations who can’t get free hosting.

    • Unlimited packages available

The unlimited packages remove the burden of having to monitor your own data consumption. It is the next most commonly asked question by web developers, after knowing the price of the package. Unlimited packages are still very much wanted even if sometimes these packages are blamed for the sluggish movement in the network.

    • Support for both Windows and Linux

Supporting both Windows and Linux is a great thing to have since you will not be forced to migrate to another operating system in case you happen to like one of their packages. Although the packages are not 100% identical, there is not much bias in providing more features in preference for a particular operating system.

    • Gives out free domains

Free domains (free for life!) are sometimes handed out along with the packages, which is a great plus for those who are just beginning their web career. For the very budget conscious, a free domain can sometimes even be the deciding factor in choosing a hosting provider.

What’s Disappointing About 365ezone?

&#10006 Fluctuating server performance

The major point of concern for 365ezone is their poor performance especially for high traffic sites. There are days when the network connection is good but most of the time, it is not dependable and stable enough.

&#10006 Slow customer support response

They can improve much on the training of their customer support staff, not just in speed of the responses but in the quality of their knowledge, as well. Not all start up companies are newbies in the web industry. Some may be working on web sites for several years and took only now to launch their very own service. So the customer support team must be ready for all sorts of customers if they really want to succeed.

The Bottom Line

What is advisable is that you go with other budget providers out there. There are even some that provide free trial periods so that you can see how their service fits you. But if you are not too picky, then the price of 365ezone’s packages should be reason enough for you to sign up with them.