Let’s go over what I consider the ultimate WordPress setup for iPage websites.

  • Latest version of WordPress (1-click setup with iPage control panel)
  • W3 Total Cache plugin
  • WordPress SEO Plugin
  • Google Analytics for WordPress plugin

W3 Total Cache on iPage

This plugin is simply brilliant. W3 Total Cache drastically speeds up your website by caching everything:

  • Database query cache
  • Page cache
  • Object cache
  • Browser cache

It also “minifies” your website’s code automatically. Minifying is compacting the source code that your visitor’s browser (and Google) has to download for every page. It cuts the bulk out, and can drastically reduce the number of connections needed to download every file for your website.

Minification example – Instead of using 5 different javascript files, your website can be minified so that they’re combined into one streamlined file. Same with CSS files. 🙂

W3 Total Cache CDN with iPage

The CDN feature of W3 Total Cache allows you drastically accelerate how fast your website loads by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as NetDNA or Level3.

WebHostingBreak is hosted on a VPS.net VPS with 10 nodes. Hotness. But still, I am using my NetDNA CDN account to mirror most of WebHostingBreak’s files. This allows for super-fast loading anywhere in the world, since the files are pulled to the visitor’s browser through parallel connections to different pull zones on the CDN. My point is, I run WebHostingBreak on high end VPS hosting, yet I still use acceleration from a CDN.

So I recommend you do the same with your iPage website. Please take advantage of CDN 🙂 If you want to get help with setup, feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to help you.

Just like my VPS.net hosted site is much faster with CDN Acceleration, your iPage website can be accelerated with CDN. 🙂

WordPress SEO on iPage

I’ve used all the popular WordPress plugins for SEO. SEO Title Tag and Headspace just to name a couple. But WordPress SEO puts them all to shame in my opinion. Before you download the plugin, be sure to check out Yoast’s Free Guide to WordPress SEO and become a master – fast!

I’ll add more about this plugin and how to benefit from it soon – for now check the guide link above.

Just using these two plugins can drastically improve your website on iPage or on any other hosting service that is compatible. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our iPage review too.

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