If you are looking for the top 10 extensions for your Joomla web page, then look no further.  This guide has the best 10 that are out there today.



This extension is a must if you are working on a Joomla template; it will make things work so much easier, making your life easier too.  It seems to be the one extension that you must have to make your template user friendly.



This extension is perfect if you need help with editing; it makes life so much easier – easier to use and control.  It makes you feel more in control rather than the web page in control of you.  If editing is the most annoying part of your life, this extension won’t do all of it but it might help along the way.

SW menu pro

sw menu

This extension is to help you create menus, not just normal boring menus but ones that stand out from the crowd, making your web page look even more professional and impressing readers.

Akeeba backup


Backing up articles and information is always important and this extension takes care of all your backup needs.  This is a must have extension if you are serious about your web page and its content.



If you are looking for ways to increase your SEO, then look no further this extension will help you all the way.  It has many other functions and well worth checking out what it can offer for you and your web site.



If you are after tabs on your web page then this is the extension for you; it does what it says it does and that is enable you to have tabs on your web page.

Articles anywhere

articles anywhere

This extension allows you to place text on your web page wherever you want. If you want to include it in a picture then this extension will allow you to do this.

Multi calendar

multi-view calendar

If you are looking for a calendar, then look no further; this calendar can meet the needs of any demanding web page and what you require it to do to make your life easier.

Simple image gallery

simple image gallery

If you are looking to put pictures or images on to your web page, then this is the must have extension.  It will enable you to create the web page that you want giving you access to the full web page experience.



If you are going to try and make some revenue from your web page through adverts then this is your extension that is a must.  Extra income form adverts might just add up to pocket change or it might take off and really help support you and your web page, however you see adverts this extension will get you on the way to earning an income.

You can see that there is an abundance of extensions that you can get for your Joomla web page.