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When it comes to registering a domain, iPage makes it easy. In this tutorial, we’ll go over the basics of:

– What a domain is.
– How to purchase a domain via iPage.
– How much a domain name would cost.
– Domain Privacy

What is a domain?

In a nutshell, this is simply the name you would type into a browser that directs it to a specific site on the Internet. The popular domain extensions end in .com, .net and .org, but there are also lesser known extensions, like .mobi, .tv, .name and .tel.

Every domain is unique and there can only be one. To check if your domain might be taken, you can use sites like Simply type in the domain name and hit enter. If your desired domain name is taken, then sometimes the best option is to come up with a new one.

How to choose a domain name

Choosing the right domain can be hard. Here are 3 simple tips to help you choose the right one:

1. Make it easy to remember and type, so try to avoid hyphens or numbers. is good isn’t so good.

2. Try to go for a .com domain, rather than other extensions like .net or .org. This is mainly for SEO purposes and often people assume it ends in .com.

3. Check that the domain name as a whole isn’t ambiguous. For example, Kids Exchange as a domain looks rather peculiar:

Registering a domain via iPage

To register a new domain, head to the Product section via the iPage homepage and click on Domain Services. Then, under Register a New Domain, you will find the available options. Depending on the extension you choose, purchasing a domain via iPage will cost you $12.99 a year for the usual .com, .net or .org extension to $34.95 a year for more exotic extensions like .mobi, .tv and .cc. You can actually save yourself some money and time by extending the length of your initial domain registration.

To purchase a domain name, simply enter it in the field and follow the checkout procedures.

Now, registering a domain name doesn’t necessarily mean you have a website up and running. You would need to host the domain with a web host like iPage in order to have a working website. A web host basically directs the domain to a website. This is important to remember, especially when you’re trying to work out the total cost of running a website. You would need to consider:

1. The cost of registering a domain
2. The cost of web hosting

A convenient and cheaper option is to use iPage to register your own domain and also to host your site too. With the iPage Essential Plan, you will receive a free domain and also host unlimited domains. Domain Privacy

When you register a domain, your registration information such as your name, contact details and even billing address are displayed within public databases like WHOIS. This is standard and not illegal and is open for everyone to view.

You might think you can enter false information when you register your domain. Don’t do it. Entering inaccurate information can result in your domain being locked and taken away from you by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the governing body for domains.

Now, if having sensitive information displayed on the Internet makes you feel uncomfortable, you might like to have the iPage Domain Privacy feature. For just $8.99 a year, those private information are masked.

To purchase Domain Privacy, simply click on Products, Domain Services and Domain Privacy.

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