iPage charges $4.50 per month for 1 year of hosting, billed as 1 installment of $54.

iPage hosting plans

Tip: Many web hosting companies advertise a monthly price tag. But when you’re signing up, you find out the service is billed in yearly installments.

iPage Monthly Discount: $4.25/mo

You can activate a small discount when you buy 2 years of hosting at $4.25/month, billed in 1 installment of $102. Three years of hosting is also $4.25/month billed in 1 installment of $153.

The most popular choice is two years because of the discount, plus the SEO benefit of having your domain name registered for more than one year. It shows Google, Bing, and Yahoo that you aren’t fly by night or a spammer. Google especially cares about domain registration length. I have WebHostingBreak registered for the next few years.

For more SEO optimization on iPage, I recommend using WordPress 1-click setup and following our popular guide to Ultimate WordPress Setup on iPage.

You can activate the iPage $4.50/month discount using this link they sent us or learn more about iPage’s hosting plan and features in our iPage Review.

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