I’ve had several iPage accounts over the past 2 years. It’s time to write up a quick iPage Review!

iPage? I’ll start with the bad:

iPage’s default “under construction page” uses the file, “home.html” instead of the standard “index.html”

Why’s that a problem? If you don’t delete home.html from your iPage account, your website is stuck showing an “under construction” page.

Let’s run through an example scenario: You use iPage’s slick 1-click WordPress setup. You check your website and it STILL says “under construction.” What did you do wrong? Nothing. It’s iPage’s fault.

I still run sites on iPage because they’re a good host. I just want you to be aware of how to fix the situation above if you encounter the same thing.

Now, weirdly, iPage is quite good for hosting websites.

What did I like about using iPage?

On iPage, you can set up an unlimited number of websites. It’s fast and easy. If you want some extra training for free, watch my iPage Training videos. They’re short and will accelerate your results. Also, thanks to them, I haven’t had to manually set up a wordpress site in over 2 years, since they have a WordPress site/blog autoinstall feature. It makes it really easy to set up new sites fast and you don’t have to know any code or mess with any files or configurations.

Ipage’s Money-Back Guarantee

With iPage, I also like how you can get your money back for whatever amount of time you haven’t used yet. It’s that simple. To keep costs low for their long-time customers, they don’t offer a 100% anytime moneyback guarantee.

Here’s how it works – Let’s say you buy 2 years of hosting, but for any reason, you cancel after 8 months… Well, you’d get an automatic refund for the amount of time you haven’t used, and that’s it. Done. That’s how the iPage Money Back Guarantee works.

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iPage Features Review

I build a lot of sites and generate masses of visitors. But I don’t use a ton of features to accomplish that. Nevertheless, iPage offers everything you could possibly need to set up your website, including the latest updates of MySQL and PHP plus many tools and services to make your website effective.

I don’t use 99% of the features iPage offers. But it’s good to know I have options if I ever need it. For now, I just hit 1-click wordpress install and launch my site. Then I move on to attracting visitors.

What kind of site can I build on iPage?

Most of my sites have 250-1000 pages. They are content sites designed to build relationships with my audience. Basically, a bunch of wordpress sites with cool themes installed and a lot of time spent writing articles. Obviously, iPage works fine for these. But what about other more MySQL intensive sites?

So what kind of site would be more likely to bring hosting down? Forums can get pretty heavy and slow. So can WordPress sites if you’re not using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

So far in my 2 years of review, iPage performs well with these website types.

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This page is just my opinion and my experience. It’s a fully biased review because I have iPage accounts and know first hand what the hosting is like to live with on a daily basis.

So I’d really appreciate your comments. Please visit the official iPage Review page on Web Hosting Billboard to submit your review.

Now my challenge to you… get your site up before dinner time. Seriously, you can do it. 🙂