Liquid Web is one web hosting company that has found themselves becoming the primary choice of many professional web developers all around the world. The main reason for this is because they have offered complex web hosting plans for years that is of some of the highest quality ever seen in this industry.

However, it’s important to understand whether or not you want SSH access. Either way, Liquid Web is a great host even for those who will never start an SSH connection. I just want you to know where you stand with it, so that you can become more educated about the workings of a web hosting account and the many features that they commonly come with.

SSH access is for those who want to input commands manually.

SSH access is just like when computers were running on DOS, if you had one back in the earlier days of computing. It allows the user to manually type in commands, but this does require knowledge of the various commands that are used in the shell environment.

For those of you who want to keep things simplistic, using the Liquid Web control panel is your best option since it allows you a visual way to control your web hosting account and many of the features that it came packed with.

If you use the SSH access provided with your Liquid Web hosting account, rest assured that it’s solid.

Liquid Web is one host that takes security very seriously. With that said, every SSH connection that’s made into their server is secure and all input/data is encrypted using the latest technology. There haven’t been any complaints as far as Liquid Web failing when it comes to providing a secure web hosting solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Ready to try out Liquid Web?

If you’re ready to try out this awesome web hosting provider, please use the link below to be taken securely to their website. From there, you can pick the web hosting plan that fits your needs and proceed with the Liquid Web checkout process.

As far as pricing, it’s reasonable considering they provide a lot more than most hosts have ever thought about offering to their customers. 🙂