When it comes to uptime for a web hosting provider, there hardly isn’t anything more important as a web hosting provider gets paid to keep the websites that they host online at all times.

This is something that is always in demand and therefore is a requirement for web hosting providers to give their customers an outstanding uptime record.

Now, let’s get specific with JustHost uptime.

The Web Hosting Billboard uptime monitor hasn’t detected a bad uptime record.

As you should know, we pride ourselves on being one of the very few web hosting review websites that offers an independent web hosting provider uptime monitor.

This is because we know how important it is to get unbiased details about web hosting providers. We are here for you as well as other web hosting consumers, nobody else.

As far as the uptime record that we have from our monitoring system, JustHost is in good terms. We haven’t seen their uptime average fall below 99.9% since the beginning of our JustHost uptime monitoring until the time that this article was published.

JustHost Uptime Feedback

As you should probably know, we are trusted when it comes to helping one make that important decision as far as which web hosting provider is the right one. Well, we also receive a lot of feedback on experiences.

With that said, JustHost uptime has satisfied many of the Web Hosting Break visitors that took the time to provide us with their JustHost experience. The overall summary of the feedback received is that downtime isn’t ever a problem when hosting with JustHost.

As you can see, JustHost dependability is one of those that reaches an industry high. This is due to the many years of experience that JustHost is backed by as well as their strict requirements for the products and services that they provide to the public.