SSH access is something that you don’t see being talked about much when it comes to a shared web hosting provider. In fact, it’s not very common for JustHost SSH access to be given to their web hosting customers. With that said, let’s take a closer look at what SSH access is used for when it comes to the world of web hosting.

By using a telnet program such as Putty and taking advantage of SSH access, you’re opening yourself up to a window of opportunity when it comes to what you can do with your web hosting account. From downloading and installing software in a jiffy to many other tasks, many wouldn’t have been able to do it as easily without having SSH access on their web hosting account.

Usually you connect to the IP address of your web hosting account and with your username and password. This provides you with a secure connection directly to the shell of your web hosting account where you can definitely complete many of the much needed tasks that are associated with modern web development.

While JustHost SSH access isn’t very common to have the ability to receive, that doesn’t mean they won’t give it to you if you really need it. Simply put in a request to their support team in the support area or by another means of support in order to let them know that you need SSH access. They should update you shortly after making contact with what the situation is and whether or not you will be getting the SSH access that you requested in the first place.

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