You probably know by now that JustHost is one of the most reputable web hosting providers in the industry. They offer affordable pricing and great web hosting features for those that are willing to give them a chance when it comes to utilizing their web hosting services.

What tops it off is the JustHost marketing bonuses that they provide you with when you sign up as a new JustHost customer. This opportunity allows you to promote your website and/or business right off the bat. Let’s take a close look at the JustHost marketing bonuses.

MySpace Ad Voucher

This is one of the more popular advertising methods that are currently used. MySpace has a great audience and this provides you with the opportunity to gain exposure in front of one of the biggest audiences on the internet.

When you sign up with JustHost, you get a $50 MySpace ad voucher to use as you wish. This is just another reason to choose JustHost as your new web hosting provider.

Google AdWords Voucher

Google has created what is known as one of the4 most popular advertising platforms ever to exist. The audience is huge and the potential is limitless. Take your $25 Google AdWords voucher that you get from JustHost and experience what it’s like to be taking advantage of internet marketing.

Yahoo Search Engine Marketing Voucher

Coming right behind Google AdWords is Yahoo search engine marketing. While they may not be as dominant as Google when it comes to the search engine industry, they still have a powerful presence that only comes with years of experience.

These were just some of the top JustHost marketing bonuses that are given away. For more information on the other marketing bonuses, please visit the JustHost website and click on the features link at the top of the page.