You can set up your website/blog with only a few mouse clicks using fantastico to setup your site.

Step 1 of 5: Once you have signed up for hosting at JustHost, they will send you your login info for your site. Once you login it will look like this:

Step 2 of 5: Find the WordPress link and click on it

Step 3 of 5: Fill in your name, username and password and click on “Install WordPress”

Step 4 of 5: On this page, click “finish installation.”

Step 5 of 5: Bookmark the login page and note down your username and password. You’ll use it to login to WordPress and start adding posts to your site. Well done! 🙂

More About JustHost and Fantastico

As you probably know since you’re looking into the many JustHost web hosting features, their web hosting accounts are powered by the industry-leading web hosting control panel known as cPanel. However, there is much more added with the installation of JustHost Fantastico, which gives you many website scripts ready to be installed in just one click.

Fantastico is one of the most popular one click installation add-ons for cPanel and it is definitely a timesaver when you want to enhance one of your online creations with even more interactivity.

What does JustHost Fantastico install?

From blogging software (such as WordPress) to forum software (such as PHPBB), there is a wide variety of pieces of website software that you can install at the click of a mouse via the Fantastico area located in your main cPanel account.

Is JustHost Fantastico secure?

Absolutely, as all it does is install a piece of software when you utilize it. Nothing is shared with anyone else, thus it is highly secure and your privacy is definitely protected when using Fantastico. Don’t worry about any vulnerabilities that would make it unsecure as this has been tested countless times over the years of the existence of Fantastico.

As you should be able to realize by now, Fantastico is a great feature that JustHost provides to their web hosting customers. You definitely can’t underestimate JustHost when it comes to the web hosting arena as they offer the most out of the vast ocean of eager web hosting providers trying to compete.

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