Justhost offers a free domain name with your purchase of any of their plans right now.

But be careful!

Justhost give you the domain name for the first year for free, but then you’ll be automatically charged $14.99 for renewal.

That’s not a bad price, but it’s not great either. It’s a ‘medium’ sized price.

Thanks to Bill in the comments below for alerting me to JustHost’s domain price change.

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A little more about JustHost…

They have been in business for years and since their first day they have become looked at as a web hosting provider who provides exceptional web hosting and great customer service.

JustHost is good, but how easy do they make it to have a website?

This is probably one of the most important factors when choosing to purchase any kind of service or product. Ease of use says a lot about any business. The easier they make it for their users shows just how much work they do in order to make sure they fit just about anyone’s needs.

JustHost has many great features and tutorials which allows even beginners to have one of the easiest web hosting experiences known to this day. Simply put, they make it very easy for you to have your own website. But that’s not all!

The JustHost domain bonus makes it even better to host with them!

JustHost offers you a free domain for life. Simply put, as long as you’re a JustHost customer, they will take care of the domain registration costs for your free domain. However, if you ever quit using JustHost, you will be responsible for the registration and transfer costs before you can have full ownership of your JustHost domain.

This is great simply because having a domain name provides you with instant branding advantages whereas with a sub-domain, it’s not going to look as professional or be as easy to remember.

If you’re looking to host a website, JustHost is definitely one of the better choices and you will also receive many remarkable bonuses including the free domain for life. What else could you want from a web hosting provider?