We all know that Just JustHost has been in the web hosting business for quite a long time. Well, that’s not really the point of this article. The point of this article is to give you a good look at the web hosting control panel that JustHost uses for their webhosting accounts.

JustHost utilizes the industry-leading control panel known as cPanel. This is actually one of the most user-friendly control panels that provide users with everything that they could possible need to develop and monitor the progress of their websites.

Fantastico for one click installations.

Fantastico is an add-on that’s available with cPanel. In an effort to keep it simple, it provides users with the opportunity to install website scripts at the click of a mouse. This is much easier than having to install scripts manually.

More than easy script installations

If you did, boy you were wrong! There is so much more that the JustHost cPanel does including making it possible for beginners to build websites from easy to use templates that can be accessed via the JustHost cPanel. This is great for those that can’t afford a designer or design their own website designs.

Need help?

Support is just a click away in the JustHost control panel. They are actually one of the very few web hosting providers who provide the opportunity to have easy access to their support area in the control panel. This should tell you just how serious JustHost takes customer support.

Ok, so all of these things that are made possible by the JustHost control panel, but is it truly a good choice as a web hosting provider? Well, that’s your call and you can check out our JustHost reviews for a better look at just how good this web hosting provider is.