Let’s face it, just about everyone has an e-mail account. It’s quickly becoming the most dominant form of communication that the world has ever seen. The way that technology is revolutionizing the world around us is incredible. If we harness the benefits of modern technology, we can do anything!

Webmail is just another way that technology is helping our lives become a lot easier. Why is that?

IX Web Hosting webmail can be accessed anywhere.

Anywhere you have a computer and internet access, you can retrieve your new e-mail messages with the IX Web Hosting webmail program that comes standard with your web hosting account. This makes it easy when you need to stop in somewhere to see if you’ve gotten that important e-mail you were waiting on.

IX Web Hosting webmail is secure.

You don’t have to worry about prying eyes knowing what your e-mail contains. The webmail solution over at IX Web Hosting is very secure and they constantly update the webmail platform with the latest security updates. It’s just another way that IX Web Hosting has proven that they can maintain web hosting and email hosting properly.

How many webmail accounts can I have at IX Web Hosting?

With a couple of the plans, you get 2,500 e-mail accounts which can be used for webmail accounts. On the biggest web hosting plan, it’s not limited. This is sure to be enough webmail accounts to get you sorted out correctly. 🙂

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