The options for scalability that are provided by a web hosting provider is one thing that I look very closely at. The reason for this is that it’s a pain in the butt to have to change hosts because they don’t offer a big enough web hosting plan to appropriately serve your website as it grows into become an authority of the World Wide Web.

One host that takes scalability seriously is none other than IX Web Hosting.

If you need to grow, just upgrade to an IX Web Hosting VPS.

This is a simple, yet solid web hosting solution for any websites who find themselves needing to effectively host a growing base of visitors. You don’t want to end up working hard on the marketing of your website and have it go offline when there’s a sudden spike in visitors. Again, this is one reason that I seriously look at scalability options when I’m taking any web hosting provider into consideration.

With an IX Web Hosting VPS, you get to choose from Windows or Linux.

For some of you, Linux hosting may get the job just fine for you. While others absolutely need to have a Windows VPS in order to have their web hosting account working for them like they expect it to. Having this option is great and it goes to show that IX Web Hosting is doing everything they can to meet the growing demand of web hosting customers.

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