SSH access is something that’s commonly preferred among expert webmasters. Beginners have no need for SSH access as it’s only used for more advanced techniques commonly used by professional webmasters to configure the more intensive workings of a website. In fact, SSH access isn’t as common as it used to be since configuring websites is a lot easier now.

What is SSH access?

SSH access is the method of remotely logging into a web hosting server. Back when computers were in their early days, we had to input commands in DOS. This is very similar and it’s only advanced that seasoned webmasters use SSH access to perform any modifications on their web hosting account.

Does IX Web Hosting offer SSH access?

At the current time, IX Web Hosting doesn’t offer SSH access on their shared web hosting plans. Keep in mind, with shared web hosting it’s not common to receive SSH access. This is due to the security of other web hosting accounts that are being hosted on that particular web hosting server.

If I need SSH access, what’s the best way to go?

The best way to go is to look into IX Web Hosting VPS plans. Those are dedicated portions of servers that aren’t used or accessed by anyone else but you. It’s the more intensive side of web hosting if you want me to put it bluntly.

Since it’s a form of semi-dedicated hosting, it’s more likely that you’ll get the SSH access that you need when you choose VPS hosting as your solution. Just make sure the host clearly offers SSH access prior to paying, that way you don’t end up wasting money on something that’s not going to give you the hosting features you truly need.

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