One thing that is critical when it comes to the success of any website is how fast it can be loaded up by its visitors. Nobody likes sitting all day and waiting on a slow-loading page to load. Especially when high speed internet is the most basic internet connection that’s openly accepting in this modern era of technology.

With that said, we randomly run speed tests on the hosts here at Web Hosting Billboard. Just to see which ones are the true top performers in the industry and which ones deserve a negative rant about how slow their servers are. Let’s see how IX Web Hosting has done and what that means to you as a web hosting consumer, shall we?

IX Web Hosting provides pretty quick web hosting.

It may not be the fastest that I’ve seen during my years of being in this fierce industry, but it’s not too shabby at all. Especially for how much you pay for their web hosting plans, it’s pretty much a steal if you want to get right down to it. 🙂

The speed that you can expect from them is suitable for any small business or individual that demands quality web hosting that will only help establish their internet presence.

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