IX Web Hosting may not provide some of the best web hosting that I’ve seen come through the doors of Web Hosting Billboard, but this isn’t about how bad or how good they are. It’s about highlighting the IX Web Hosting promotion that we are able to offer our visitors.

What’s up with the IX Web Hosting promotion?

We always try to get a host to let us give our visitors the best deal on their web hosting plans. Usually, we get our way and come back here to write an announcement about it.

With IX Web Hosting, we got a hold of a pretty good deal.

You can get up to FIVE BUCKS EACH MONTH OFF your IX Web Hosting bill.

That’s right, the discount for this special promotion varies dependent upon which plan you get from these folks, but if you sign up for the biggest plan (which is what I would do since it’s such a good deal anyways), they’ll take off five bucks each and every month.

How do I get this IX Web Hosting promotion?

It’s easier than you might think, just click the special IX Web Hosting link below and it will register that you’re coming from WHB, so you deserve the promotional discount that they’re offering to our visitors who sign up with them for a new web hosting account.

When you sign up, come back here and sign up for the video coaching series!

We have a small series of videos that will help you learn how to get started easily with an IX Web Hosting website. Not to mention, we have all kinds of other goodies around here waiting for you to take advantage of. 🙂

Good luck on your journey for a new web hosting provider! If IX Web Hosting doesn’t seem like someone that you want to do business with, you should check out our top web hosting reviews for more reputable hosts that have proven to provide some of the best customer service in the industry.