The IX Web Hosting gallery that’s commonly talked about usually refers to the photo gallery that comes standard with all IX Web Hosting accounts. You just have to install it within your IX Web Hosting control panel, which is pretty simple in itself. 😉

Let’s take a quick look at the IX Web Hosting gallery so that you can see what it’s all about before you just in to agreeing to choosing IX Web Hosting as your new host.

Multiple photo galleries provides you with a variety to choose from.

By having a variety of photo galleries to choose from in the IX Web Hosting control panel, you’re sure to find one that fits the purpose that you had for it. Just login to your IX Web Hosting control panel, go to their scripts listing, and choose one of the photo gallery installations that they provide.

One click, and we’re done!

That’s right, one great thing about IX Web Hosting is the ability to install photo galleries in a single click. This speeds up the process quite a bit, making it a lot easier than it has ever been before to install a photo gallery on your website. Looks like this host sure knows how to stay on top of the continuously changing trends!

IX Web Hosting Provides Reliable Photo Gallery Hosting

Most feedback I have seen from other photo gallery websites is positive in terms of reliability. IX Web Hosting seems to provide their customers with fast and stable hosting that’s optimized for hosting a photo gallery that a user installs on their website. After seeing this, I would say they’re a pretty good try. Especially since you get a 7 day free trial anyways. 🙂

The IX Web Hosting Discount

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