Many people, including me, find that using an FTP program makes website updates seamless. I have to say that this had been proven to be true, as I couldn’t live without using Filezilla to update the many websites that I have in my personal portfolio. That’s why I’m always looking at the FTP features that a web hosting provider provides.

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IX Web Hosting Provides Additional FTP Accounts

When you have other people working on your web hosting account via an FTP account, you’ll find it easy to give the appropriate access to them by giving them their own FTP account. Many hosts limit this or don’t offer it at all, but IX Web Hosting has made sure their customers get this convenient web hosting feature.

IX Web Hosting Provides Secure FTP Access

This means that you won’t have to worry about your data getting in the wrong hands just because of an insecure FTP connection from your web hosting provider. IX Web Hosting constantly analyzes their FTP servers to ensure that no security breaches take place and put their customers in harm’s way.

Anonymous FTP Accounts Available

This is one of the older features in the web hosting industry, and you don’t see that many web hosting providers even offering it with their web hosting plans. However, IX Web Hosting has done it once again by providing all of their web hosting clients with the opportunity to create anonymous FTP accounts.

Saving Money On IX Web Hosting

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