Frontpage is one of the older website builders that was developed and released by Microsoft quite a few years ago. It provided computer users with the opportunity to create their own website easily as well as have the ability to go deeper into the development scene if they needed to do so for any reason.

IX Web Hosting used to support Frontpage extensions.

This was until they decided that was in their best interest to discontinue supporting Frontpage extensions. They claimed that it was one of the older pieces of technology that needed to be put to rest for good. For anyone who wanted to stay hosting with IX Web Hosting, they had to transition away from being dependent on Frontpage.

Is there an IX Web Hosting alternative that support Frontpage extensions?

I urge you to look at one of our top web hosting providers if you truly demand Frontpage hosting. There are still many web hosting providers out there who will support Frontpage extensions unlike IX Web Hosting. The decision to discontinue it on IX Web Hosting plans didn’t hurt the presence of Frontpage hosting customers in the industry. 🙂

What if I want to keep IX Web Hosting as my host?

Then you simply need to find another solution that will allow you to transition smoothly away from using Frontpage as any part of your web development process. I’m not saying IX Web Hosting is bad because they no longer offer Frontpage extensions. I’m just saying that you’ll have to make some changes if you want to keep them as your web hosting provider.

Signing up for IX Web Hosting?

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